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Wrestler in distress

Hey guys!

So here is my story. Im 18 years old and wrestled for 3 years down in southern California. Two-time state qualifier. I recently graduated from high school and was offered a coaching position since my college is so close to my old high school. On oct 21 i was wrestling at a local club where i coach wrestling and i was wrestling with this kid and i took a back step when he took a shot. My luck when i took the simple back step i hurt a pop and rolled over and just sat there til the end of the practice. Lucky me my truck is a stick so i had to ask one of the guys to drive me to the hospital. it took about a week to get me to the ortho and he put me in a cast with the toes pointed downward. This week i finally took my MRI and today i meet with the doctor to see what the final word is. Ive been reading blogs and i realized that i ruptured it. the problem is i live a VERY active lifestyle.(dirt bike, kickboxing,wrestling, snowboarding, etc) and i enjoy pushing my body to the limit. so i was wondering if i should just ask for the surgery since i want to keep this level of activity?

also it would be cool if other wrestlers or MMA fighters could give me some insight on their recovery and how long it takes to get back in the fight.


thanks guys!