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free the wrestler!

so today i just got my cast off! and i have to say these pass two months with this cast on has felt like a year. Alot of depression for a big part of it but i feel like 2009 will be a good rebulding year.

Back to business, so i cant put much weight on it at a 90 degree angle and i dont get my boot till monday cuz health care rocks here in the states, better than nothing tho! so i cant wait for the boot and the ability to walk haha. the doc says i have to be on the boot for like 4 weeks which sucks ass but its hella better than the crutches. so i wanted to get some input on how long till i can start putting weight on my foot because being 19 and goin to parties in a boot isnt lookin fun hahah

thanks guys! and happy holidays!