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boot the wrestler!!

hey guys its the wrestler again!! Man its never been this cold/rainy in southern California ever. yesterday i had to run around on crutches with crazy winds and rain. I almost ate it when i went into a store with marble floor after crutching as fast as i could from the car. the book is kinda weird and it feel alittle weird on the ankle but im pro already, been practicing all day! realized that if you wear shoes that have alittle bigger sole its easier. I wear vans so it was hard at first. but im due on this book for 4 weeks and im excited to get it off mid-January!! maybe i can make the last snowboarding season. but i didn’t get to ride my dirt bike this winter :’(

but id like some input about the boot from some athletes and how long it took them to feel confortable after the boot was removed to do physical activity again. ive been lifting ALOT of upper body at home but im itches to get back on the mat. and finally tonight im goin to the gym for the first time in two months!

thanks guys!!!

free the wrestler!

so today i just got my cast off! and i have to say these pass two months with this cast on has felt like a year. Alot of depression for a big part of it but i feel like 2009 will be a good rebulding year.

Back to business, so i cant put much weight on it at a 90 degree angle and i dont get my boot till monday cuz health care rocks here in the states, better than nothing tho! so i cant wait for the boot and the ability to walk haha. the doc says i have to be on the boot for like 4 weeks which sucks ass but its hella better than the crutches. so i wanted to get some input on how long till i can start putting weight on my foot because being 19 and goin to parties in a boot isnt lookin fun hahah

thanks guys! and happy holidays!