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Hey guys!

So here is my story. Im 18 years old and wrestled for 3 years down in southern California. Two-time state qualifier. I recently graduated from high school and was offered a coaching position since my college is so close to my old high school. On oct 21 i was wrestling at a local club where i coach wrestling and i was wrestling with this kid and i took a back step when he took a shot. My luck when i took the simple back step i hurt a pop and rolled over and just sat there til the end of the practice. Lucky me my truck is a stick so i had to ask one of the guys to drive me to the hospital. it took about a week to get me to the ortho and he put me in a cast with the toes pointed downward. This week i finally took my MRI and today i meet with the doctor to see what the final word is. Ive been reading blogs and i realized that i ruptured it. the problem is i live a VERY active lifestyle.(dirt bike, kickboxing,wrestling, snowboarding, etc) and i enjoy pushing my body to the limit. so i was wondering if i should just ask for the surgery since i want to keep this level of activity?

also it would be cool if other wrestlers or MMA fighters could give me some insight on their recovery and how long it takes to get back in the fight.


thanks guys!


  1. maestro Said:

    on November 14, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    So, how goes it in SoCal? Let me be the first to welcome you to the club. No applications sent out but as you can see we are over 200 strong in this ATR fraternity. BTW looking forward to the UFC match on Saturday night. But back to your question. It is recommended for active people like yourself to have surgery. It gives the best chance at total recovery and will put you back where you were before the injury. Provided there are no major complications and you rehab. As you read the stories here you will see that most people here in the states get surgery. I had surgery and just got fitted for a boot today http://achillesblog.com/maestro/.

    Some of the others will chime in and can give you some ideas of what to expect. Whether it’s surgery or casting you will be out of action for a bit. This injury takes a bit of time and patience. You’ll be doing your thing again believe me. Keep us posted on your progress. It helps you as well as all of us.

    You down for a ATR tattoo?

  2. phu1971 Said:

    on November 14, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Sorry man,

    I (we) all feel your pain. I don’t do MMA but I did wrestled for 4 years in high school and ran track through college and a few years after. Even narrowly missed qualifying for the 1996 Olympics. Like most people on this forum, I’ve continued to stay very active and this injury has required me to cut back on my physical activities significantly. Not going to sugar coat it, this injury really sucks and your life will be altered for a little while. There’s about a 99.99% chance you’ll need to go the surgery route given your profile. The decision for me was simple - if Misty May Treanor had surgery, I should too. I’m now a month out of surgery and I’ve been looking everywhere for answers to my many questions. This forum has been a great resource. In addition, I personally know 3 different people who ruptured their AT and had surgery. The time-frame for returning to previous activities ranges a lot but the average is about 6 months to start doing some of your old stuff but a year before you’re your old self again. For me, I started working out at the gym on machines a week after surgery and I’m now back to free weights. Competitive power-lifting is one my hobbies so I didn’t want to fall too far behind. Luckily, I haven’t and I can still bench more than twice my weight (I weigh 185lbs). This may be a good chance for you to get your upper body really strong. Here’s some more info that may make you feel better about your future. Dan Marino played many more years in the NFL after his ATR. Patrick Ewing had many more NBA seasons after his ATR. Elton Brand now looks just as good as before. Donovan Bailey (won the 100m in the 1996 Olympics) came back to run the 100m sub 10 seconds after his ATR. You’ll be fine but it will take time and patience. Good luck! phu

  3. wintermute Said:

    on November 15, 2008 at 3:07 am

    I totally understand what you feel. I’m a 2nd Dan in Taekwon-do (Chang Hun) and was in the process of training very hard for my 3rd Dan. Because my Instructor was taught by a Korean in this original style, we have use all the strikes as well as vertical and horizonal grappling etc. As well as training in this I’m also an Instructor. Like you, if it’s physical then I do it - marathons, fell running, football (soccer), mountaineering etc etc. However, Taekwon-do is my thing and the others are simply a way of keeping active. When I injured myself 6 weeks ago (check my blog) I was devastated. I now know that it was fatigue that caused the injury. My cast comes off on Tuesday coming and then the airboot goes on - rehab etc. I have no doubt that I’ll be back to training - it’ll just take a little time and patience. If like me you’ll go through a lot of emotions - fear, worry, anger etc. Just dig deep, it’s simply another challenge. Everything will work out.

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