4 weeks since surgery - THE BOOT

Well, got the cast cut off this morning - I can see my ankle now, it is much less swollen than it was 2 weeks ago. There is still a lot of bruising present on the bottom of my foot and along the sides of my heel. At least the incision has healed well. Everything feels really stiff but I can move my ankle around a little and wiggle my toes easily.

I have both a Vacoped and an Aircast. This morning I went into the Vacoped with the angle set at a fixed 30 degrees. My Dr wants me to keep it at the fixed 30 degree angle for the next three weeks, then we will start dropping that angle down every few days. I will say that the Vacoped feels pretty comfortable although it feels like I am walking on a softball and I get prickly pins and needle feelings in my foot. So far he instructed me to partial weight-bear at about 50% and I am using 2 crutches. That is a bit of a backslide since I’ve been using the iwalk for the past month. I went to work and found I couldn’t physically do as much as I could in the iwalk because I can’t use my hands. UGHHHH!!! As much as I hated the iwalk, it does have its benefits (you are free to use your hands).

My instructions are now to walk on my booted foot over the next few days and to start weaning myself off of these damn crutches. The way I am walking now how is that going to happen?? When I got home today from work I could barely get up the five steps into the house. This is so frustrating - I thought that getting into the boot was going to mean more freedom, but it feels like I am going backwards. Sorry, I know this is the process and things will get better, just need to vent. How long has it taken y’all to ditch these torture devices (crutches)?

I am going to start wearing the Aircast at night and to bed (that will be my “clean” boot since it has to sleep with me). I’ll update later on how that feels compared to the Vacoped. Thanks for listening and hope everyone else is doing well. This injury is such a mental thing….

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  1. Good luck with your boot adjustment. Do you get to take it off at night, or for showers, etc.? Or is it supposed to stay on pretty much full-time? I’m curious as I’m about 3 weeks behind you…

    I’ve heard others say that the first day or two after a change is tough, and then things feel better quickly. Hope that’s the same for you.

    It is such a mental grind. Lol I’m only a week into this. I can only imagine what the next 3-6 months will be like (probably loner). Positive days and setbacks, wash rinse repeat.

  2. RE: taking the boot off, I just realized you’re taking it off and using the Aircast at night. i guess I was just wondering if you can take it off whenever you want.

  3. Well, I can honestly say the Aircast feels terrible compared to the Vacoped. I wore the Aircast for a while last night before bed and it felt really uncomfortable. The Aircast has a flat bottom whereas the Vacoped has a rounded sole so that your foot rolls heel to toe when walking on it. The insides of the Vacoped felt much better as well. I changed back to the Vacoped and although it is pretty big I still slept OK in it.

    I have to sleep in the boot for at least a couple of weeks, then I can take it off if I want. He just wants me to be really careful in case i get up in the middle of the night and step on the bad leg. I did take it off to shower and it felt great cleaning the leg that hadn’t been cleaned in a month.

    I went to work for about 8 hours today and the crutches about burned a hole in my sides. Got home, frustrated as heck and grabbed the walker. It felt much more comfortable and i was walking around great with it. Felt like I wasn’t struggling or limping as badly in the boot. Went over to the countertop and started walking/hobbling down while holding onto the edge, and then just started walking!!!! Walked all through the house, then had a seat. That felt really nice. My Dr. thought I’d be off crutches by about Tuesday, so now I have the weekend to get better at this with no work to do.

    After my bad mood from yesterday and most of today, I am now ecstatic. See, this is a mental thing - lows and highs.

  4. Great job!!! It is hard to get used to everything- it’s so far from normal. Sleeping in the boot is weird. I only have one, so I give it a little Clorox wipe before bed. Glad you are feeling better and I hope work gets easier each day.

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