Shout to my Homies

My thanks to the following folks for helping me through this disaster.  I’m lousy at asking for help, and these people answered the call.  And sometimes, helped without being called to at all. 

  • My expert team mates who had me elevated, iced, and diagnosed in 2 minutes. Any of you guys ever need a letter of recommendation, I’m your girl!
  • Pagliata, who took me to the ER and refused to leave me there alone, even when I begged them to.  They are excused for taking an embarrassing picture of me with my wheelchair in the handicapped toilet in the ER, still sweating from the game.  It hasn’t been posted anywhere, and I appreciate that.
  • To my vegetarian friend who picked me up at the hospital when I was little more than meat, and drove me home, picked up my meds and patted my sympathetically on the head.  Much needed help and sympathy.  She is, ironically, the least squeamish about the gory details of my injury, and I love her for that, too.
  • To KP, who went to many dollar movies with me and always gave my foot the aisle seat.
  • My brother, whose weekend at home wasn’t the wild time I’m sure he’d hoped.  Ooops.  Sorry.
  • Bet, who gave me the best massage ever and the knowledge to get my own therapist in my hometown.  Best decision yet!
  • My doctor who operated at 7pm the night before he went to Florida so that I’d have a good surgeon and faster recovery.   He rocks, baby, he rocks!
  • My amazing parents, who have plenty of their own woes and shouldn’t have to take care of their 31yr old daughter and wait on her hand and foot.  They are too dutiful and wonderful to express.
  • The command Phish Food delivery.  Though that was win-win for everyone, I think.
  • The YMCA of Downtown Erie.  Seriously, where would I be without you?  Char let my pathetic crippled body into spyn and let me soak in the comradery while spynning on no resistence, Karen and Monica helping me get my weights together for bodypump before class.  You made it possible for me to feel like I’m still an athlete through all this.  Amazing.
  • Victor Fleming and MM, who put up with some bizarre text messaging when I was still in my morphine haze and helped keep my spirits up.
  • My amazing partner in (fighting) crime, Linda, who made me ask for the help I obviously needed and never ran out of patience with my inability to leave my desk for 4 weeks.

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  1. andreaon 21 May 2008 at 4:26 pm 1

    No problem, chica!

  2. jennion 21 May 2008 at 5:18 pm 2

    I really enjoy reading your posts - your humour is great! Thanks for the awesome idea - being thankful and grateful everyday definitely helps. This experience really shows how many people around us care.

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