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Aug 07 2008

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I’ve been walk/jogging 3 days a week and lifting 3 days a week.  I rest one.  I look ridiculous running, I’m sure, slightly flat-footed on the left, but I’m making due.  I try to run one min, walk one.  Found that I was more shin-splint prone than I would like and have taken to running in the grass BESIDE the sidewalk, rather than on the actual concrete.  I suppose I’ll build up those shin muscles again someday, too.  I’d rather stick to the grass until I feel like they are getting up to snuff.

Feels good jogging, slowly building endurance.  My leg never swells up any more, but my scar area is getting a little hard (I really need to keep my night-time massage ritual up, I think.  Makes a big difference.  Still limp a little, but it really doesn’t bother me since i’m able to do so many things.  I know it will slowly disappear.  Some people say I don’t limp anymore, but I know better… I can feel it. 

Stair walking is getting more normal.  I try to use the ball of my feet rather than my heel when I do stairs, to strengthen that leg.  Used to just fall immediately–now I have enough strength to keep my ankle from collapsing the moment I shift my weight.  Yay!  No one-legged toe raises, but patience, grasshopper, patience.

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