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May 29 2008

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Wk 7 Post-Op: Two Shoes-ish

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Met this morning with the Doc and his new rotation-doc shadow.  He’s pleased as punch with my progress.  My tendon is filling in nicely and “impressively supple.”  That’s a great line.  I mean, any girl likes to be told that about any number of her tendons, etc., so I’m thrilled.

 Told him I’d been lurking in my apartment in stocking feet, that I’d been FWB for almost 3, and he seemed fine with that.  “It’s not painful?  Good, fine.  Sounds good.”  He didn’t feel the need to prescribe PT yet, since I was doing ROM exercises regularly on my own.  I asked about Theraband work, and he said to go right ahead, starting with some rubber tubing he got me.  Every time I said “Can I …”, doc said “sure”.  Which made me feel like I’m pretty much the captain of this recovery ship.  Which is fine.  He seemed comfortable with that, and so am I.  Mostly because I have this blog as my sounding board.  Thanks guys!

Basically, he said he’d like me in the boot for another month, but that in predictable places I can go ahead and 2-shoe it.  That is to say, always wear the boot at the gym and around drunk people.  But if I’m going to be in my clean apartment, or walking on the flat sidewalk at the Penninsula, I’m good to go in shoes.

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