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May 27 2008

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Still chugging

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Have been feeling generally icky lately.  I’m sure it has to do with almost 2 months of relative inactivity.  I’m still weighlifting, and now biking, but not as much and definitely not as intensely as I’d like.  Just feel like one of the few things I really gave 100% to has been taken out of my life.  Blah.  I really, really depended on exercise to keep me sane.  My happiness has always been tied strongly to the strength of my body.  I’m only now beginning to think maybe I need to think about finding something else to tether my happiness to.  I mean, hell, we’re all going to get old someday anyway.  Best to have a plan B when that inevitability hits me.  Did I mention I’m practicing guitar?  MAN, I’m bad.

 But this is not going to be a depressing post because I did some great things this weekend. 

  1. I went to the Law School graduation of a friend who got brain cancer his first year of law school, the same year his mother died.  A tumor the size of a billiard ball, incidentally.  No joke.  I still remember when he was diagnosed, and that kid has been through so much more than me, I felt bad even mentioning any discomfort around him.  So tendon-shmendon.  I’ll be jogging before he passes the bar exam.  And frankly, I’d rather have an ATR than have to go through that again.
  2. I had friends for dinner for the first time since the ATR.  This was a nearly weekly event for me, so YAY for normalcy
  3. Gardened with my ma and she acknowledged that she never realized how much she depended on me to help with things until she couldn’t ask me do to them.  Instead of depressing me, this made me feel good–that I AM, in fact, useful to my parents who are so good to me.
  4. At dinner with a group of friends, one of them asked me if my foot was “still bothering me.”  I was so shocked at the naivite of that question I just laughed and said “yeah.”  A couple weeks ago I probably would have gone off on her about how I’m not wearing this &%$# boot to attract men, for God’s sake!  So I like to think I’m staying mentally healthy.  I hope.  :)

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