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May 22 2008

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6 wks post-op, why this injury is *different*

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Went last night to my first spyn class.  Felt great just be be around my gym buddies, even if I was just stationary biking with minimal resistance.  Was able to keep it up for 35 minutes, broke a good sweat, and had a legitimately sore backside when it was all over.  The instructor for that class is so supportive.  She made eye-contact checks on me, raised her eyebrows as if to say “how are you doing, hon?  don’t overdue, but you’re doing great!”  Major mental boost.  Looking forward to my next doc visit in a week.  Hope to get my PT prescribed and maybe get to take the boot off for certain scenarios.

Went to a movie with a friend last night.  He’s NOT athletic.  But was able to explain to him why, in my mind, this injury is so different to me.  I’ve broken my arm, sprained my ankle, and sliced my scalp in a car accident.  But these were understandable–me against the laws of physics of falling on a rock, stepping in a hole, and running into a house in my car.  I can understand loosing THAT battle.  But this injury was a failure of my body.  My body let me down–SNAP!–with no warning and no crazy reason.  I think the adjustment in my mind of that even being a possibility makes this injury different.  In addition to the insanely long recovery time.  It has forced me to reevaluate how much I can rely even on myself, and strangely, my place in the physical universe.  Strange, but true.  I hope that this kind of existential re-evaluation of my body and what I can ask of it makes me a wiser, more patient person.  I hope…

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