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May 19 2008

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Dead fish

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Have walked sans-boot around my dinky little apartment.  It started as standing in the shower, and progressed to “I’m not putting that #@*& boot on for the 10 feet between my bed and the bathroom”.  Now I’m shuffling that little foot around in it’s clean cotton sock everytime I’m home.  It’s a safe place that’s 90% hallway for me to grab on to.

Anyway, gimping around my apartment scares me a little.  My poor little foot feels like a dead fish at the end of my leg, and totally useless.  Can anyone out there give me an idea when the foot starts feeling useful?  I’m almost at 6 weeks and wondering when those that went before started feeling some strength in the foot.  Was PT a major part of that, or do you think it was just time?

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