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May 12 2008

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These Boots were Made for Walkin’…

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Spent all weekend FWB and it felt terrific.  Went to a party at my friends farm Saturday.  As long as I sat down regularly to give my good leg a break, I was fine walking/standing on the booted leg.  Went to the grocery store and actually bought what I wanted… knowing that I can actually cook now that I can stand.  I’ve been buying food I can wolf and toss for a month now and getting real eggs was a thrill.

 For those waiting desperately to weight bear, I’m AMAZED at how quickly my leg adjusted to walking and bearing weight.  It felt weird, but not painful, to walk.  It still does, particularly in the morning when I just begin.  Found the shoes that are the right height to counter the boot, and walking became much less awkward.  Must go slow and steady, as I feel like I could really hurt my knee if I push it.  I’ve also felt a twinge in my lower back at night, which can almost certainly be attributed to the slight difference in the height of my legs w/the boot.  I try to stretch my back in the morning and at night to baby it through this booted phase of recovery.  I can tell my leg is getting some strength back as it adjusts to walking again.

 Anyway, feels great not to have to get someone else to carry my coffee, and to go to the copier all by myself… 

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