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May 10 2008

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Putzing Around

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Ran errands today and didn’t even put my crutches in the car.  Feels great to be weight bearing, though I’ll admit to some soreness in my leg.  Not PAIN, per se, just soreness.  Elevation, a little ice at night pretty much keeps me comfortable on that count.

Been doing ankle circles, toe points and flexes, and the alphabet 3-4 times a day and noticing increased ROM and more fluidity in the motion.  Yay!  Off to the gym to do 10-15 minutes on the bike.  If I can work up to half an hour by week 6, I’ll be quite happy.  I miss sweating.  Weird.  Did 5 minutes on the bike on Thursday.  When I stopped pushing with my good leg, I found that my ATR leg had been doing virtually none of the work.  God sooo weak so fast.  Crazy.

My friend the pig farmer is having the annual Swinefest pig-roast tonight, and I may even participate in horseshoes.  We’ll see…

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