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May 09 2008

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Wk. 4 post-op

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Met with the Doc yesterday who pronounced me “healing nicely”.  Seemed unsuprised that I had been PWB already and told me to use the next 4 weeks to progress to FWB.  In my mind, that means next week, but I’ll try to keep it slow and steady.  He also said that the boot for maybe another 4 weeks after THAT.  Ick.  I wanna be a cool kid in the two shoes club before that, so I’m going to have to use my expensive education to exert powers of persuasion on him to let me loose a little earlier than that.

Was unable to make an appointment during the prescribed week, so I suggested the receptionist bump me up a week, which she did.  Mu-HA-HA!!!  While making that appointment, I stopped the doc to see if it was ok if I did some stationary cycling, and he said no problem, just low resistance without even batting an eye. 

It occurs to me that no doctor is going to OFFER UP the idea of any kind of strain.  It’s sooo on the patient to ask and research and be their own advocate.  My doctor is a super nice guy, but there was no reason for him to say, in the office, “you should do some cardio, its good for you, why don’t you cycle?”  I’m so grateful for this site and the brain-trust we have.  I never would have thought to ask that otherwise.

 So keep posting, my ATR friends.  It’s already made a huge difference in my sanity, and now my fitness!

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