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May 06 2008

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Sad, but Functional

Living alone in a 2nd floor apartment downtown has officially sucked for 4 weeks now.  It takes me an hour to shower safely, and the effort it takes to get in, stand, get out and dry off on one foot has me sweating enough to make my shower moot by the time it’s done.

No one to help me carry a glass of water or cup of coffee from the kitchen to the living room.  No one to hand me the remote.  I do worry sometimes that if I fell, no one would know.

 The up side?  The crutch-diet is working great.  You know how they tell you that when you’re on a diet, you should decide if the thing you are about to eat is really worth it or not?  When you are on crutches, the answer is ALWAYS no.  Haul my carcass to the kitchen for a snack that I’d need to stow in backpack just to move it back to the living room?  No, thanks.  I’ve lost 9 lbs, and I’m hoping that only half of that is muscle.

 Also, I feel like HAVING to do everything for myself has gotten me out more, made me move and exercize when I might not have, and kept a feeling of independence intact.

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