May 05 2008


Back to work? As if I had a choice…

Posted at 10:47 am under 1st 4 wks--Before the Blog

I ruptured on a Tuesday night and went to work the next day.  I had 4 clients coming in and would have been all alone at home… Decided that elevating at work and elevating at home were pretty comparable.  Surgery Thursday, home Friday, back to work on Monday.  I’ve been driving myself around the whole time, never missed a choir practice or trivia night.  I did get a continuance on a trial, but admittedly, I was looking for an excuse on that one anyway…  I was back to 2x a week upper-body lifting withing 2 weeks.  Am I crazy?  I just felt like feeling stir crazy was worse that doing the things that I am still up to doing.

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