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6 Weeks Post-Op, 2 Weeks Partial Re-Tear, Not Too Shabby

January 23, 2015 · 2 Comments

Back to boot at 15, PWB to FWB on crutches, no pain, solid ROM/resistance/stretching.

Should be FWB in boot shortly, then to zero in boot in about 10 days then into shoes with heel wedge.

Overall, I really didn’t set myself back to long luckily I have an honest OS who was pushing for what seems to be an unnecessary second surgery (sometimes Dr’s are capitalists…in the US)…and a great PT to.

So overall the fall off scooter and what appears to be a minor re-tear have not set me back much if at all, I’m quite happy about that. Incision is 99% healed (very very minor scab where bleeding occurred 2 weeks ago off of scooter fall) so that’s a positive as well.

Now the challenge is to not get cocky based on great news…continue following protocol, at home exercises, diligently attending PT, and being overly-cautious in even the most benign situations :)

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