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18 Weeks in..Couple of Concerns

April 15, 2015 · 3 Comments

It’s been awhile….I work for myself and the 1st quarter is also crazy town….but I figured I’d check in.

So things have been going ok, I’ve managed to get a lot of the limp gone…I’m still a bit weak on pushoff.

So it’s 18 weeks since surgery 14 weeks since partial re-rupture at this point it’s mostly a wash I think. I’ve had to go to a new PT due to scheduling and travel conflicts. This PT is more aggressive. I have some concerns I’d like to share and see what you all think:

1. I’ve experienced very little discomfort throughout PT (wondering if maybe that’s a sign of going too slow) except when doing 1 legged leg press with half the foot on the machine.

2. At this PT they have me working on the agility ladder but I cannot land and go on the top of my ATR foot at all (it’s weak-ish)

3. I can’t do an unassisted 1 legged heel raise unless i am leaning onto something.

4. Balance is good, not great but good, on one leg.

I can do the elliptical for around an hour at a pretty strong pace, pre-injury pace, with no issue

My concerns are:

1. The agility ladder, I feel it might be too soon for that kind of impact but I don’t know if I’m just being overly-cautious. She said that she understands the caution but to get the strength back i’m going to have to push a bit. this scares me

2. Balancing on 1 leg on a small bosu ball. I am fine if my heel is on it mostly but she was having me hold for ten seconds with more of my front foot on it and it was pretty uncomfortable. I mean, it wasn’t painful like ouch but it was like a burning muscle sensation like when you get to the last set of a free weight exercise and it BURNS

At this stage how have you all gotten on with this kind of stuff? Do you think it’s a bit aggressive or am I fighting myself too much?

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  • donna // Apr 15th 2015 at 5:59 pm

    Hey eric so good to hear from you, I figured you got busy…I wouldn’t worry too much about the weak push off at 18 weeks…it will come as you build calf strength.

    I have seen polymetrics (agility ladder type movements) reported on this blog as early as 3 months, personally I wouldn’t do them until properly conditioned, as well as properly healed in the tendon. Most protocols have them at 6 months or more, though even there I’ve seen them introduced at 16 weeks.

    I see your PT’s point of view that to build the calf muscle it takes a lot to build them and polymetrics will do that, however, in order to get results from a complete plyometric exercise program and avoid injury, a certain level of training needs to be achieved first.

    There are proven (and safer) ways to build the calf beforehand, and as you are building it you also want to build the gultes, quads, hamstrings, and hips (which also have proven and safer ways to build them). For the calf standing Eccentric and Concentric heel drops/raises to get to both the soleus and gastroc. Seated calf rasises with weights to isolate and get to that hard to build soleus. Once everything is stronger as evidenced by where you start and how much you imporve, then polymetrics are better supported to further build muscles.

    I just started a limited polymetric program because my PT deemed me fit in all the body parts. I am doing a limited program because I have no desire to play sports at the level I used to. (Gave up high impact stuff 10 years ago). I have no desire to risk further injury like a rupture on the other side, back, knee, or hip issues… I also have other injuries to consider and have no willingness to risk my body for that kind of training when there are so many ways I enjoy being active and having fun without risking my body. I’m happy to continue to build the calf using exercises I described. Actively I’ll continue to build it hiking, and cycling…not as effective, but still calf building. I can imagine that many of those recovering here would cringe at the thought of not doing your sport. I understand that would not be acceptable and I totally respect that…I guess my point is to decide how much polymerics you need for what you want to be able to do. You are also a young guy and may have gone into this injury really fit so polymetrics in that case would be fine.

    I think polymetrics are a proven way to build strength but only when you’ve worked on total body strength and all is strong, it’s a good program done with someone who knows how to build incrementally, and avoid injury…and you really need it for the level of activity you’ll be involved in.

    As for the burning during balance…burning to me, means STOP. Balancing should be built up like anything else…you can do those movements on the floor for some time first before moving to the ball…I don’t know what you did previously for balance to work up to the ball, but obviously you’re not ready for it.

    I couldn’t do a unassisted heel lift at 18 weeks either. Can do three sets of 10 now before the calf fatigues…but I’m over a month ahead of you…I really did a lot of eccentric calf drops, seated calf rasise with weights, theraband, to get strong enough to do them as well as stationary bike daily doing calf drills.

    As always my opinion…I know you’re pretty discerning so take what helps and leave the rest.

  • maudie // May 19th 2015 at 1:58 pm

    I’m 11 months out of surgery, and I am back in a boot again. Swelling and pain from doing too much on it, and these results after going through PT and doing follow up exercises religiously. It’s very depressing.

  • edhdez // Jun 30th 2015 at 3:09 am

    Hi eric, I’ve read your blog and I’m debating on a second surgery myself. I re-ruptured mine on June 18th. I haven.t talked to my OS yet since it happened but seems like a complete tear again according to the PA. I will be 18 days by the time I see him and decide what’s next. I’m following the UWO protocol in the meantime until then in hopes it heals enough to avoid surgery. I was just wondering what made your OS follow non-op the second time around, was it the same spot that re-ruptured? Did your protocol change based on your re-rupture? Anything you can share in regards of taking the non-op decision will be greatly appreciated. Happy healing!

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