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8 Week PT, Much Better Than OS Appt, Shoes Here We Come

February 3, 2015 · 6 Comments

Brief background…surgery 12/11 partial retear 4 weeks later, 4 weeks post-partial re-tear now, 8 weeks post surgery.

Completely on one crutch at 10 degrees, moved to 0 degrees. To be at 0 and one crutch until next week when I will hopefully be going into a shoe. PT impressed with DF, may not go with heel wedges but a gel insole instead.

Did towel curl, upward hip thrusts while lying down, some standing leg weight training. Did bike for 10 mins.

Said any defect very difficult to find at this point, perhaps very small spot on right side but very small (this is much better than 4 weeks ago). Thompson test negative.

Did some seated heel raises as well and theraband exercises.

At this point, given strength in tendon and repsonse to treatment we are treating it like i’m 8 weeks post op vs 4 weeks post re-tear. If there’s pain will pull back a bit but so far tolerating all the advanced stuff the last couple weeks.

Onward and upward as they say.

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  • herewegoagain // Feb 4th 2015 at 1:44 pm

    Thats fantastic! Onward and upwards indeed.

  • ericm98 // Feb 4th 2015 at 1:57 pm

    thanks for the tips donna…i’ve been wondering about how often to walk on it, how often to do the exercises between sessions (I go 2x per week)

    as a matter of habit at this point haha i kind of ice on and off all day anyway

    i bought a battle rope for cardio..what a workout (i do it on my iwalk) whew..feels nice though

    i’ve been thinking about maintaining a spreadsheet of my daily activities just as a reference point as you mentioned, seems like a good idea

    I tend to stretch until i feel the slightest bit of tightness, was wondering if that’s too conservative but i needed some kind of stopping point.

    i have my feet, bootless, under my desk most of the day except when periodically ice/ feels fatigued now and then, esp in the heel area

    i’ve got a call into the pt now just to get a better idea on what i should and shouldn’t do daily….as i’m tolerating most things pretty well i don’t want to overdo it or pay for it later as you mentioned.

  • donna // Feb 4th 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Hi Eric,

    Glad you are feeling better. I can tell you in my experience the OS is no longer important to me at 13 weeks and I saw him for the last time recently. So don’t sweat yours not being there for you. My PT is my “go to” person for everything. Glad you feel comfortable with yours.

    At 13 weeks this is what I found out and would like to share. I realize we are all different, however, what I’ll share is pretty common if you read lots of blogs. It’s a “what may be next for you summary”…big smile.

    Between 8 and twelve weeks things will change greatly. Every stage has its ups and downs.

    It’s best to pull back even if there isn’t pain because pain generally won’t show up until that night or the next day. I can’t emphasize this enough and wish I’d really heard it in the early weeks of starting more advanced PT…would have saved myself lots of pain.

    Instead add new movements and or more reps/sets INCREMENTALLY.

    For example we changed up seated squats to standing squats. I was doing 3 sets of 15 seated. We started the new movement with one set of 10. We’ll see how I fee later/tomorrow.

    Trust me, it’s better to be slow than in pain. Read blogs, you’ll see this advice everywhere and where you don’t see it you’ll see people complaining of pain from overdoing it.

    Don’t be surprised if swelling and pain do show up as you become more active. This is normal for most and perfectly OK. GO back to RICE. I had virtually NO swelling or pain until 8 weeks when my PT (I started at 6 weeks) went from all sitting movements to all standing movements. I’ve got the pain under control now and it’s all starting to feel normal again.

    The theraband is great!!! I think it’s given me the most improvement. When I got to three sets of 50 for all four movements with the first band, I started on the second and am doing three sets of 15 for all four movements and will work up to three sets of 50 before I change to the last band.INCREMENTAL is the way to go.

    Be sure to take a day of rest in-between PT. Some things can be done daily, most should not. Ask PT.

    Be sure to never overstretch at 8 weeks. Stretching should deepen over time.

    I’m doing lots of cardio/upperbody/other workouts that don’t involve my achilles, it is my strategy for not overdoing it with the ankle because as long as I’m doing something I feel better.

    I can’t emphasize how much just walking helps. You can walk without a limp. Don’t let a limp happen…you can correct it with your PT’s help and when you can’t help but limp it’s time to sit down or put the boot on. Really. It will screw with your gait, can cause other issues with back/knees…kind of like not using an even up with the boot does.

    The emotional roller coaster doesn’t stop when you go into two shoes. Give yourself a break…be your own best friend. This is a long process as you live it…in retrospect it seems to goes by fast. Paradox.

    As you get more active you may have tightness in the morning or evening. ROM alphabet, sitting toe/heel raises work great to wake it up in the morning, and RICE helps at night.

    Also, I keep a notebook handy to jot down things so I can really be in touch with change over time. Depends on personal style and memory. I don’t trust my memory, thus I put it in ink.

    Massage started at 10 weeks, deep tissue and ultrasound. Every other day either I do it myself or it’s done in PT. I have a blue sticky thing my PT gave me to self massage. Don’t neglect the benefits of massage. It’s made a huge difference in correctly remodeling my tendon as I’m in the remodeling stage and will be for some months.

    Hmmm…that’s all I can think of

    As always with the intent of being helpful. Take what helps leave the rest. YAY!

  • squashedat // Feb 4th 2015 at 3:21 pm

    Hi Eric, good to see the re-tear was not much of a factor. Are you still using the i-walk? My suggestion would be to use the boot for most of your walking with or without crutches and the more you walk the faster you may be able to ditch the crutch and get more comfortable walking around in the boot.

  • ericm98 // Feb 4th 2015 at 4:26 pm

    I use it very sparingly. Usually when going up and down the stairs (stairs are a bit narrow and I have big feet + boot) or if going to a PT appointment in inclement weather like we’ve had here in New England.

    I transitioned to one crutch at 10 degrees pretty quick and I went to zero yesterday and using 2 crutches for a couple days to get use to it then will be going with 1 crutch a few days before PT next week.

    It doesn’t seem like I’ll be crutchless in the boot at all as I was told to bring a shoe next week. Plan is one crutch on shoe then none with probably a gel insole as my DF and overall ROM is good (from what they tell me)

    I’ll be using it friday at the father daughter dance b/c it’s still pretty awkward to move in some ways in the boot and I don’t want to lose my balance and have a quick, hard trauma to the foot like i did when i fell off the scooter.

  • donna // Feb 4th 2015 at 6:50 pm

    Hey Eric…sorry for the double post, I edited the original post to add a few things I forgot. You can delete the first one if you want.

    You said: “I tend to stretch until i feel the slightest bit of tightness,..” GOOD…you’ll see over time that your stretch will increase on it’s own.

    You said: “i have my feet, bootless, under my desk most of the day except when periodically ice/ feels fatigued now and then, esp in the heel area” GOOD…no need to wear the boot to sit at desk…also the heel area will come back…at first mine was so sensitive I couldn’t stand on it on tiles or in the shower…only on carpet with slippers. At 13 weeks the fatty pad is returning and it’s easier to tolerate hard surfaces. In the shower I am still using a facecloth folded up to stand on for comfort.

    You said: “i’ve got a call into the pt now just to get a better idea on what i should and shouldn’t do daily….” GOOD…My PT allows all the seated ROM stuff daily, however, not the harder standing movements. At first I couldn’t do the theraband daily but now I can. Go with your PT’s advice.

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