Week 8 checkup

Just had my 8 week checkup. Well, it’s 2 days shy of 8 weeks, but who’s counting?
Doc says I’m still healing really well. The AT looks and feels really good, and I’m getting a little strength and ROM back! See - actually doing my exercises regularly is actually paying off!
So, next steps for me: I [...]

5 weeks and 2 days….I’m pumped!!!

So, I had my check up with my OS this morning - just over 5 weeks from when I found out I couldn’t have AT surgery and he put me in the boot to heal naturally, and almost 6 weeks from the rupture.
To say that it went well is an understatement! He was very pleased [...]

Two week check-in

I had my follow-up visit with the doc today - 20 days since my right Achilles tendon rupture and 16 days since I found out I couldn’t have surgery and needed to try the non-op route. That’s when he put me in the boot.
So, today the doc checked out the ankle, and moved it around [...]

Well, so much for that….no surgery for me.

I was supposed to have AT repair surgery this morning. But, I had a heart attack at the end of November and had a stent put in. And, the cardiac protocols say that I shouldn’t have surgery until 6 months after the heart surgery. The anesthesiologists (3 or 4 of them discussed my case) all [...]

I’m baaaaaack!

Hi everyone! I missed this crowd and this website so much since my first AT rupture (Feb 2012 - left leg), that I decided to rupture my right AT the same way, just so I could come back here and chat with all of you again! I don’t know if there are still any people [...]

23 1/2 weeks. Going strong…

Just a quick update. At 23 1/2 weeks, the AT is feeling good. The calf, however, is still weak. Gotta keep doing my exercises! I got lazy, and it’s showing. Gonna start doing them again, right after I post this msg.
The training for the Century Ride is going well. I did 25 miles yesterday, and [...]

Century Ride? *What* did I just commit to???

Well, 5 months have come and gone since my surgery. All is going pretty well. I’ve been getting lazy with the exercising, though, other than the bicycle riding - I’m commuting to/from work twice a week (27 mile round trip), and riding w/ my wife 2-3 times a week (10 mile round trip). So, my [...]

17 weeks post surgery - commuting again!

Today is 17 weeks after my ATR surgery. All is going pretty well, for me. I’ve been reading some of the other posts, marveling at how well some of you are doing, and wondering if I should be happy or sad about my own recovery. I seem to be ahead of some people in the [...]

Woah! 16 weeks!

How time flies! It seems like it’s been like a week or two since I’ve posted last, and somehow it’s almost 16 weeks post-surgery, already! Time flies when you’re having fun, right?!!!
Oh, man! Where do I begin? Let’s see - since my last post, my PT is now finished! It wasn’t nearly as bad as people would have you believe, [...]

Two shoes! Two shoes!!! ……..kinda.

Had my 3rd PT session today. I’ve been a good boy, doing my at-home ROM exercises as directed, and even a little more. Today, my PT said she talked to the Ortho, and they decided I could start weaning myself out of the boot! Hooray!! That came a week or two sooner than I expected, [...]