Week 8 checkup

Just had my 8 week checkup. Well, it’s 2 days shy of 8 weeks, but who’s counting?

Doc says I’m still healing really well. The AT looks and feels really good, and I’m getting a little strength and ROM back! See - actually doing my exercises regularly is actually paying off!

So, next steps for me: I can walk in a shoe at home instead of the boot!!! But, I should wear the boot outside, for now. And, over the next two weeks, he wants me to wean myself out of the boot, completely. Yep - two shoes by week 10! And, I can start PT.

So, he walked me over to the PT (just down the hall from his office), and I scheduled my first meeting with them for next Thursday. If I recall, the first one is just a diagnosis with the PT, with very little, if any, actual therapy that day.

I’m excited to be in a shoe, even if just at home! But, I gotta tell ya - it sure feels funny “walking” without that boot on! Foot feels squishy/floppy! I’m freaking out a little bit! But, it’s all good - I’m progressing!!!

Happy Healing, everyone! Keep up your hard work - we’re all getting there!!!

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  1. I just started my “you now have 2 weeks to get outta that boot” yesterday. Yup, it feels weird to be in shoes. Not sure I’ll actually be out of the boot in 2 weeks like my surgeon suggested, but my PT said, do what you can, try to be out of it a little more each day until you can go the whole day, however long that takes.

    It does get really tired and sore really fast out of the boot right now. Good luck to you with bootless life!

    Wishing you well for your first PT appointment next week. Good to hear you got a good report from the doc. Keep pushing forward.

  2. Yes those exercises do help keep things progressing towards strength and flexibility :) Good luck with your progression in 2 shoes!

  3. Thanks, shell and cserpent! I’m trying to get to two shoes, but am still nervous in less than ideal condition (e.g. my lumpy yard, or the HS graduation party I went to this weekend - too many people!).

    Getting there, day by day. That’s all we all can do, right?!!! Take it day by day, and keep pushing forward!!!

  4. I’m still nervous with shoes on too. I wore them yesterday morning and then had to go out to run 2 quick errands, so I put the boot on. My husband commented that I was putting my boot on to go out and I said, yup, it’s an uneven world out there!! And it was only a few days ago I dared venture out without the security of a crutch. I won’t even attempt to walk across our lawn, which to the untrained eye looks like a nice flat lawn, but to me it’s some sort of wild mogul course!!
    I’m trying to wear 2 shoes more and more, but if my ankle starts to ache I put the boot back on. I’m trying not to worry about how long it takes to feel like I stay out of it for good. My surgeon said 2 weeks, and it hasn’t even been one yet. If it’s a little longer than 2 weeks I don’t think the boot police are going to come after me!!

  5. Definitely don’t stress over the “2 weeks” Shell! My doc had me take 2 weeks FWB in a boot and then 3 weeks to transition to shoes. It will take as long as it takes and you know best what is right for you.

  6. Congrats on a next milestone Eric. It is exciting and scary at the same time.

    One thing my PT did for me at this stage was record my gate while I was walking in 2 shoes and review it with me in slow motion in order to eliminate the limp. It helped a lot. I did it few times at home as well to figure out what was not looking correctly. For instance I was not fully straightening my injured leg while walking. Comparing its movement to the uninjured leg helps visually.

    And Shell, take your time, it is uneven world out there. The concrete walkways and parking lots are definitely not as straight as they seem when one has a weak leg and is scared of re-rupture.

    Good luck to you guys with walking again! :)

  7. Thanks for the support, everyone! Yeah, I don’t have PT, yet. I’m supposed to have my first session (probably just testing my ROM, strength, etc.,) on Thursday. But, I’m waiting to find out my out-of-pocket costs, before actually going.

    It IS an uneven world out there!!! Concrete sidewalks and parking lots are easier, cuz you can see the unevenness. Grass is way more treacherous! Be careful out there!

    Don’t stress over the 2 weeks thing. So what if it takes 3 weeks, or whatever! What’s an extra week, when you’re talking 6-12 months of recovery?! Nothing. In the end, it’s a week that you’ll never remember, once you’re done with this whole thing.

    Happy Healing, everyone!

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