5 weeks and 2 days….I’m pumped!!!

So, I had my check up with my OS this morning - just over 5 weeks from when I found out I couldn’t have AT surgery and he put me in the boot to heal naturally, and almost 6 weeks from the rupture.

To say that it went well is an understatement! He was very pleased with how well my AT is healing. I’ve been a good boy, and have been doing ROM exercises (from neutral to plantarflexion, left/right, and alphabet) 3x/day for the past three weeks. And, it has been paying off! But, I did admit to him that I’ve also been a little naughty and have been adding weight to my crutch-walking (he wanted me to just put about 30-40 lbs on my foot while walking with the crutches). I’ve felt good, so I started adding more weight, slowly. Over the past week and a half, I’ve been testing more weight, and have actually been “walking” (more like peg-legging - , really!) around the house without the crutches. I still use crutches and the knee scooter when out of the house, though.

He wasn’t upset that I was pushing forward. Actually, he agreed that I could do it. He said my AT felt really good, and that I’m healing really nicely! And, he gave me the green light for the following:
* He took out another heel wedge, so now I’m down to one wedge in the boot.
* I can start doing exercises with dorsiflexion, also.
* I can ditch the crutches and knee scooter, and start walking in the boot only! Yay!
* I don’t have to wear the boot while sleeping, anymore.
* I can ride a bike - without the boot! But, at the beginning, very low resistance, and no hills. I might start on the stationary bike for a bit - just to get the foot used to moving in that way. Also, I’m a little nervous about if I have to quickly stop and step off the bike. So, I’ll take it slowly on this one.
* I can start driving again!!! He suggested I have my wife take me to an empty parking lot and test it out, first. But, he thinks I should be ready to drive. I thought that would be at least 3-4 weeks, yet! So, that made me really happy! Gonna have to work out the logistics of that, as I would drive without the boot, but have to put the boot on to walk. But, I’ll figure it out!

I see him again in 2 weeks, and then he’ll probably have me start PT. I’m pumped and ready!!!

Happy Healing, everyone! And, Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there!!!

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  1. Woohoo!! That’s great news! I’m so happy for you Eric! Continue to be a good boy, and don’t overdo it now! Good luck and have fun with all the new stuff you get to do now.

    (As an aside….the anti-spam word for me at the bottom of your post was “optimism” - how very appropriate! Your optimism is always evident, and rubs off!).

  2. Sounds great Eric! I started driving while I was using the boot to walk. Just put a tennis shoe in the car that’s what I did. Got in the car, switched to the tennis shoe, got to where I was going and put on the boot when getting out of the car.

    My doc did NOT want me on a real bike until week 14. He said the chance of dorsiflexion too much is too great. So I’m just using the recumbent and stationary bikes at the gym. Not saying you shouldn’t use a bike since we have different injuries essentially - but just be careful! :) Starting on the stationary bike is good - it does take your foot a while to get used to the movement and the force. I can increase the resistance on the stationary bike without going “up a hill” which causes your foot to flex a lot more on a real bike. And on a recumbent bike I can increase the resistance even more since your foot angles are even less.

    My doc doesn’t even want me walking up steep hills yet though I’m doing dorsiflexion exercises with the theraband.

    I was doing the same ROM as you in weeks 3-6 - 30 reps, 3x/day (though I was also able to do dorsiflexion since my achilles was anchored) and I am moving along on the fast track too! Keep at it, don’t overdue it and enjoy the driving!

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  4. Has anyone heard of or required an achilles tendon release following an achilles repair? I am 7 months post-op for full rupture. At a recent follow up, the surgeon mentioned if my range of motion did not improve in 2-3 months, they may need to release it…..

  5. molly - I never heard of release before. Just looked it up, here:
    Here’s to hoping that your ROM improves with exercises, rather than having to get this surgery.

  6. Looks like you are doing well and hope you are warming up to the non-op route. :) Same thing happened to me with walking in the boot. I was told to do PWB of about 50lbs for couple of weeks, but after 4-5 days of PWB I realized I was just carrying my crutches and walking FWB. I emailed my doc and he OK-ed earlier FWB as well.

    Btw, are you using Evenup to have even gate while you are walking? It’s not the best for hips to have uneven limp for prolonged time.

    Also, stationary bike might be a good idea at first. I started with it week 5, but while wearing a boot. When I started with no boot, I was just plantar flexing foot while riding with low resistance, but going at pretty fast speeds to get the heart rate pumping. Riding an outdoor bike at this stage might increase your risk of stepping on that foot when stopping. Just be careful, not worth re-rupturing and starting the whole process all over again!

  7. Thanks, agnes. Yeah, I’m ok with the non-op, so far! Actually, it’s moving along faster than I expected, so I’m happy.

    No, I’m not using Evenup - I thought about it, but am hoping to only have a couple/few weeks left in the boot, so I’ll just suck it up.

    I’m planning on starting with the stationary bike at home, before hopping on a real bike. You’re right - I don’t want to start all over again!!!

  8. Has anyone had problems with your incision and to doc not getting all of the stitches out? I have 2 small pieces of stitch sticking out of my skin and tender to touch. I am 6 weeks post op.

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