I’m baaaaaack!

Hi everyone! I missed this crowd and this website so much since my first AT rupture (Feb 2012 - left leg), that I decided to rupture my right AT the same way, just so I could come back here and chat with all of you again! I don’t know if there are still any people on here that were on 5 years ago, but if so, hi to all of you long-timers, too!

So, my story begins again - and it’s very much the same as my first rupture. I was playing indoor volleyball. I lunged forward in preparation to dive for a ball in front of me. POP!! Goes the heel - felt like someone threw a baseball at my ankle. I immediately dropped to the ground and grabbed for my leg, and instantly knew what I had done! The pain subsided in about 2 minutes. Luckily, the other vball players there took care of me - brought me to the side and got me some ice and a chair to elevate my leg, while they continued playing! :) So nice of them! Just kidding - I would not have had them stop playing. So, I watched until the time was up.

Since I had the crutches at home, I sucked it up until today, so I could see my Orthopedic Surgeon, rather than wasting time going to Urgent Care and having them tell me what I already knew.

So, I saw the Orthopedic Surgeon this morning (he was booked up, yesterday), and he got me in for surgery tomorrow! Things are moving fast! Am I nervous? Of course! Especially since I had a heart attack on Nov. 30, 2016, and am worried about anesthesia, and all the other meds, and how that’s going to react to the 6 meds I’m now taking for my heart! Am I glad it’s going to happen right away? Yes. That way, I don’t have to think about it too much.

Wish me luck! I’ll be here on achillesblog.com quite a bit in the upcoming months! I hope to get to meet/know some of you and work together to get through this! Happy Healing, everyone!

3 Responses to “I’m baaaaaack!”

  1. Good luck tomorrow! Waiting for surgery is torture, so having it done so quickly is great. Wishing you the best.

  2. Thanks, shell37! Just got a call from the Hospital. Surgery might be cancelled. They’re concerned about my heart, since I had my heart attack less than 6 months ago. I’m supposed to go there anyway, and have a talk with all the docs.

  3. Man, that’s too bad. Good luck on the early road to recovery, whichever route you take. I admire your positivity - I try to keep on the positive side, too, but this injury sure makes it tough sometimes. Looking forward to your updates!

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