Two week check-in

I had my follow-up visit with the doc today - 20 days since my right Achilles tendon rupture and 16 days since I found out I couldn’t have surgery and needed to try the non-op route. That’s when he put me in the boot.
So, today the doc checked out the ankle, and moved it around [...]

Well, so much for that….no surgery for me.

I was supposed to have AT repair surgery this morning. But, I had a heart attack at the end of November and had a stent put in. And, the cardiac protocols say that I shouldn’t have surgery until 6 months after the heart surgery. The anesthesiologists (3 or 4 of them discussed my case) all [...]

I’m baaaaaack!

Hi everyone! I missed this crowd and this website so much since my first AT rupture (Feb 2012 - left leg), that I decided to rupture my right AT the same way, just so I could come back here and chat with all of you again! I don’t know if there are still any people [...]