Century Ride? *What* did I just commit to???

Well, 5 months have come and gone since my surgery. All is going pretty well. I’ve been getting lazy with the exercising, though, other than the bicycle riding - I’m commuting to/from work twice a week (27 mile round trip), and riding w/ my wife 2-3 times a week (10 mile round trip). So, my calf is getting stronger, but still way weaker than my right calf.

I’m surprised, tho - at 5 months, I can walk without a limp (most of the time - unless I forget, and fall into my bad habit). I can ride my bike¬†fairly well¬†(ave. speeds of 16-17mph for my 13.5 mile commute). I can jog a little bit - just to go fetch a volleyball, or to get under the garage door before it closes on me! I’m doing most normal things - mowing the lawn, etc. I’m going to be hiking in Hawaii in a couple weeks! We’ll see how that goes!

But, am I stupid?! I just committed to a Century Bike Ride w/ a buddy this Sept. or Oct.!!! I’ve always wanted to do one, but have always had an excuse not to. I’m not getting any younger, so I figure I should get the first one out of the way. And, I’m using this as good incentive to get my leg stronger! So, I’m committed (or, should be!)!!! Time to get back to doing my daily exercises, and get a training plan in gear!

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  1. You can do this…..your leg is no fixed and the only thing holding you back is your mind. YOU CAN DO THIS……YOU CAN!!! Don’t psych yourself out. Come on…..go ride the Century Bike Ride One revolution at a time!!!!

  2. Oh, Jenifer - I’m gonna do it! It’s on!!!

  3. I have no doubt you will do this. It sounds like there’s no quit in you!

  4. Eric, Century ride sounds like a great idea, set yourself a pace and stick to it and I reckon you will ace it!!! Our timeline is similar and like you I am commuting at 16 to 17mph and I reckon it’s game on, just don’t get drawn into a pace that is too high (that is my normal mistake on long charity rises etc., I get competitive!!). Good luck!

  5. Jimminyc - we’ve decided to do a self-mapped Century, rather than a big group ride. Cheaper. Can go where you want. Can go when you want (if it rains - just push the date). Can stop when you want (e.g. if that park looks good, stop for 15 minutes, if that bar looks good, stop and have a beer!).

    I’m a little nervous, cuz it’ll only be me and two other guys, and they’re both accomplished bike racers (both road and mountain)! They said they’d gladly go my pace, and make it fun. But, me being a competitive guy, I don’t want to make them feel like they’re having to slow down all the time, so I will be training hard (time permitting - family duties, you know!) to get my ave. speeds up higher, and my endurance higher.

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