Two shoes! Two shoes!!! ……..kinda.

Had my 3rd PT session today. I’ve been a good boy, doing my at-home ROM exercises as directed, and even a little more. Today, my PT said she talked to the Ortho, and they decided I could start weaning myself out of the boot! Hooray!! That came a week or two sooner than I expected, really! I’m so psyched! I did my PT and proudly walked out of the office holding my boot in my hand!

Of course, they had to remind me about the "weaning" part - not just quitting the boot completely! But, it’s still cause for me to celebrate, today!

Hope you all have a great week of recovery!

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  1. Love it, how contagious! Stoked for you…

  2. Wow!! Congrats! Tomorrow I have my 4 week post op appt and I’m hoping the Dr says I can begin pwb. Your good news gives me hope! Have a great week and enjoy those shoes!!

  3. If you’re comfy walking in two shoes already, the “weaning” might mostly mean putting the boot back on for outings to scary crowded places, or trying scary activities (like bicycling) for the first few times. Good luck!

  4. We’ll see how today goes - I’m gonna try not wearing the boot at work. I’ll bring it along, though. Guessing I’ll need it for longer walks, like if my team decides to go for a lunchtime walk to eat. I don’t want to hold them up too much with my slow walking! Bringing the ice pack, too, just in case.

    The bicycling is a bit scary in my mind, right now. But, I’m eager to get back on the saddle!

  5. That’s awesome, Eric! I have already made a deal with my wife for when I can wear 2 shoes again. I’m getting a bit of an uneven wear pattern in my shoes as I’m sure we all do. Have my eyes on some sweet new Adidas! Best of luck the rest of the way.

  6. wahoo!! What exciting news!! Good for you for sticking to your exercises, looks like it paid off! congrats!

  7. Yep, sticking with the at-home exercises seems to be helping somewhat, at least with my mobility a little bit, and with the confidence to take steps on my own! I’m certainly not out of the woods, yet! I think the hard part is just going to be starting - getting strength back in my calf! I still can’t do the toe raises on only my left leg - can’t even lift off the ground, yet. I’ll get there, soon enough, though!

    As for the shoes - I hear ya, Greg! My right running shoe isn’t really bad, yet. But, I think I’m gonna have to buy some new ones in a couple weeks, just because! :)

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!

    BTW - I wore my dress shoes at work this morning (I’m mostly at a desk, so not a ton of walking). First of all, having a shoe on that foot after almost 9 weeks feels really strange! Second, after about 4 hours in the shoe, my foot swelled up somewhat, making the shoe tight and uncomfortable. I did my midday exercises, and I’m icing the ankle now, and will try wearing the shoe again for the rest of the afternoon (but, looser this time!).

  8. I’m impressed you braved ‘real’ shoes for work today. That’s definitely progress!! Nice!

  9. Well, tennis shoes are frowned upon at my office. So, I thought I’d try the dress shoes. Turns out, my foot/ankle swells and makes the shoe uncomfortable. Not sure what I’m gonna do tomorrow. Gotta look at my shoe options, here at home. Maybe I’ll wear the running shoes, and ask for forgiveness later.

  10. Excellent! Congrats on reaching this milestone on the recovery road. The boot is a friend, but only up to a certain point.

    All best.

  11. Congrats on the two shoes. I too have a business dress rule at my office. My boss has been super cool though in allowing me to wear tennis shoes during recovery. Right now I’m still in the boot so I rock that along with a black tennis shoe and my business attire. Some folks are jealous about the shoe, but definately not about the boot, Haha. Hang in there and congrats again

  12. Congratulations on the two shoes, don’t want to be a downer, but be very, very careful.. I went to two shoes on Monday, had been doing PT and Aqua therapy. On wed, I was at home slipped ever so slightly and RIP!. Excruciating pain, now waiting to see results to see if surgery will be necessary.

  13. kb60, sorry to hear about this possible (and serious) setback. My best wishes for you.

  14. KB60 - Sorry to hear about your slip. Hope the doc visit goes well, and it was just a stretch, and temporary setback, and not as bad as you fear.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  15. Hi Eric,

    just read your latest post and i am also 17 wks today and going to physio once a week, i’ve had about 8 sessions so far. I found it unbelievable that the injury, left atr is so slow to heal.
    I do 3 pilates classes a week and 3 swims when i also do my exercises in the water. I’ve also started road biking and went for 50 min cycle yesterday.
    Like you i too have swelling every evening and lately have started to ice it. I took the dog for a walk for the first time since the injury and actually came back with a shin splint. My surgeon told me this was a 5/6 month injury and it looks like he won’t be far off.
    My physio squeezed the hell out of my scar last wk and it really was sore and he pinched and massaged the scar. The amazing thing was that the following day i walked much easier due to loosening up of the scar tissue and increased supply of blood flow to the area.
    Not looking forward to physio today though.
    Anyway good luck to all and have patience.

    Sharon (ireland)

  16. Sharono’connor- it sounds like you’re doing really well. Often people have asked me how long this would take; and I always have to ask back… “until what”? My recovery was certainly on the fast side of the scale: I was into two shoes at 5.5 weeks, and riding my mountain bike at around 7 weeks. I’ve maintained an aggressive disciplined approach to rebuilding the muscle strength, and believe I’m doing as well as could be expected.

    But, at 9 months, I’m not 100%. Progress is steady, but slow. If I look at the trajectory I’m on, I expect to be close to, but not quite fully recovered at 1-year. Realistically, I think it might be 18 months (maybe even longer?) before I’m really back to full pre-injury performance with my right calf. I’ve gone as fast as I could - if anything, some might suggest too fast (taking on too much risk at times). But, I’ve had no real problems or complications to speak of.

    If things go good- I honestly think this is a 12-18 month injury. But, of course, it all comes back to that question: until what? At 5 or 6 months, you’re probably fully functional- able to *do* whatever you want. But, I probably wouldn’t expect to do all those things well ;-)

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