Big/little victories!

It’s day 4 after removal of my cast. I’ve been doing my ROM exercises 3x/day like I’m supposed to, and icing and elevating my leg at nights.
Today was a big day, with a little victory! As I was at work, I noticed that I was able to step a little harder with my left leg [...]

Oh happy shower!

Oh, happy shower, how I missed you!!! Saturday was the day of my first shower in a month (have been washing my hair in the sink and body w/ a wash cloth while standing on one foot, since surgery and cast). It was not easy to get into the shower, since I can barely put [...]

Week 4 - Cast off

Well, I had my Week 4 follow-up appointment, and got my cast off! Freedom!!! I’m in the boot, now, but will still need the crutches for a week or two. Doc said he keeps a cast on longer to stop people like me from overdoing it at first! I guess he knows me better than [...]

I’ve joined the club…

Well, I’m a part of the ATR club. Whaddya gonna do?
I just found the website yesterday, and read a few posts. I liked what I read so far, so I figured I’d come back, and become a “member” of this exclusive, privileged club!
So, basically, I’m a 44-year-old male (45 on 03/26/2012). I live near Milwaukee, [...]