Recovery = A Fresh Start

Because of my injury and the loooong recovery I will have to deal with, I had to give up my loft apartment in downtown Alpena,MI. Moving back home with my parents. YIKES! This is how I see it. They are helping me recover and taking care of things that I can’t do for myself. They are willing to take me back in and invade their home with all my belongings, cat and I can be a handful. I am thankful for them! Their home is located on beautiful Grand Lake. Couldn’t ask for a better view. I am surrounded by friends and family. In this economy, I am thankful to be able to save a few bucks…..So it is a blessing. A fresh start!

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  1. ryanb on October 16th, 2011

    Erica, it sounds like things have worked out well for you, and it’s great that your parents will be able to help out. I just want to urge you to be a little cautious about letting this injury drive huge decisions. Especially while you’re in the early phases of recovery. In the first few weeks, your life revolves around this injury, and it’s hard to imagine getting back to normal. However, I think you’ll find yourself being back to “normal” much sooner than you think. Think of it as taking an unplanned vacation for around a month-

    I know that when I was first hurt, it seemed like my world had collapsed. I was unable to do any of the things I enjoyed, and was suddenly unable to do anything for myself. I imagined all of the difficulties I was going to be going through for the next year, and was furiously trying to figure out ways to accommodate this injury into my life.

    A few short weeks later- I limp a bit, get around a bit slower, and need to ask for help with something every now and then. I need to be careful; but for the most part you’d have a hard time differentiating my life now from the pre-injury days. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but I’m glad I didn’t do anything too drastic during those first few weeks.

  2. king on October 16th, 2011

    That sounds awesome! That’s definitely a good thing to be able to save a few bucks. The surgery I had definitely took me by surprise. I had never paid for a surgery, so I had no idea to expect. Now that I know what to expect in terms of treatment, it looks like I will be spending some cash. It’s great to have people help you, but I also find it mentally helpful to see what I can still do on my own. I guess you just have to find that middle ground. Good luck in your recovery!

  3. ericadetr0 on October 16th, 2011

    Thank you both! I am making plans for the future to motivate my healing process and a positive attitude. Things do happen for a reason and I am looking at things much differently, stopped taking some things for granted, I am just so glad to be able to share with others who get it and hear your stories also!

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