Cast is off-boot is on!!

So today was my lucky day, allegedly!!!!! Anyway went for my follow up visit since post op cast & my leg looked like something from sesame street-yes a muppet.  Hairy, ugly, skinny, unrecognizable to me as my own, but too pathetic to give up on.  My new boot is ok.  It is heavy, medal, ugly, painful, and completely NOT at all what I thought it would be.  I am still non weight bearing. I guess I expected a miracle.  Oh well maybe next month.  Anyone else have a lot of numbness around the ankle area?  How about dried blood from surgery?  Good news, I soaked in the bathtub tonight for the first time since labor day- half full.  Hope you all are well & recovering quickly!!!!

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  1. Hi erdnerd…glad to hear you are making progress. Yes to the dried blood (goes with the territory…take pictures to gross out your friends years from now), and no to the numbness. Perhaps some gentle self-massage would help. Once I got into the boot my PT wanted me to spend about 1 - 2 hours each day on the couch with the boot off. I would be careful about the angle of my foot, simulating it’s position in the hinged boot, and I would just let it air out. I hope that helps!

  2. I had my cast replaced today with another one for two more weeks NWB then boot. I can say that I also felt a slight numbness when I touched bottom of foot by the heal and back of bottom of foot. There were black and blue spots far below the incision point, but I felt this was all part of healing and NWB for a reason. Foot is out of commission and Doc said the slight numbness is not out of the ordinary at this point. Be well and keep the recovery going!!

  3. I had my cast changed two days ago. Also have the numbness, and a bit of tingling in the side of my heel. Just feels like a bit of nerve jangling.

    No dried blood, but the scar looks a bit grusome!

  4. I got my cast off yesterday and boot on. I’m 4wks post-op and wasn’t expecting my surgeon to tell me to start putting some weight on my leg! My foot is in 90degree, no swelling, but…I ‘m so nervous. I’m so scared that I might damage the new tendon. My family and friends assure me that my surgeon wouldn’t tell me to do something I not capable of but what they don’t seem to understand is how I’m feeling.
    I know I have to do it but how do I get the belief I can.
    Also, my surgeon said I should be FWB in two weeks, I so want it but just don’t how to get there.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Oh, and this boot is like wearing a ski boot! It’s so uncomfortable. I guess on the bright side it is only temporary.

  5. best advice i can give from my own experience is just to take it slow and gradual… start by putting most of the weight on your crutches and just get used to the feeling of your foot on the ground… then little by little try putting more weight on your “bad” foot.. it will feel VERY wierd and scary at first, but this will quickly go away.. my first steps (i went from NWB to FWB at the 6 week mark) will be very slow/tough/scary… but 2 days after going to FWB i was very comfortable w/the weight.

  6. NP13 is right- start out by just barely touching your foot down, and rolling it through the walking motion. Imagine there are eggs on the bottom of your boot… touch them to the ground, but don’t break them ;-)

    Very gradually, as your comfortable, add a tiny bit more weight to the boot. You’ll find yourself quickly able to handle more and more.

    Just think: pretty soon you won’t be needing those crutches!

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