5 more days with cast #1

Hi Everyone, I am getting very excited to have my first cast removed on November 7th.  I am writing to see if any of you went directly to a boot?  I am SO looking forward to scratching my ankle and seeing what kind of shape my leg is in…..sort of!?!?  Any help here is welcomed!

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  1. I went cast (5-days), to removable splint (14 days), to boot.

  2. I had removable half cast/splint from surgery to first post op at 6 days, went straight into boot. NWB and elevation though, same as if it was cast. Being able to take it off for a bath is nice though.

  3. I went from cast to boot with 3 wedges, 11 days after surgery.

  4. I had surgery on 10/7 and had splint with ace bandage wrapping for week. I got my first fiberglass cast with foot pointed down at first post op visit (week after surgery) and have it for three weeks NWB. I will have second cast placed on 11/9 and have 3 more weeks NWB. I’ll ask what happens after this…to much to remember. I take it one day at time. I do find it interesting how some are like 3 days and then boots and wedges NWB. If Im going to be NWB, I like the protection of a cast. When the splint was removed in Docs office, my leg started shaking a bit voluntarily. It’s just so vunerable feeling now. I like gaining the healing with protective cast (NWB is NWB). I do look forward to the boot though. I sit and prop working from home for almost a month now. God bless my company. Keep us posted on your experience and thanks for sharing.

  5. I was placed in a splint right after surgery.
    One week after the splint I went for my first post-op check and was placed in a walking boot with two wedges, and ordered to remove only to shower.
    I am now six weeks post op and recently changed to a Vaco Cast Pro, much more comfortable!

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