Correction…..MONTH 4 not week 4 in a shoe

Thanks to all of you who corrected my post.  I was incorrect, it IS month 4 and finally in a shoe.  LONG recovery but totally worth it!  Thanks for catching this Ryan

Almost at week 4 and in an actual shoe!

Happy 2012 everyone.  I am really working hard at PT and I have the best therapist EVER!!!! Kim has completely changed my life the last 6 weeks and for her, I am truly grateful.  I am in an actual shoe, 3/4 bootie and walking better everyday.  This is a long road and it is this website that has changed my attitude.   Thanks to all of you who post and help me realize what I am going through is normal.  Hope you have the BEST year ever.

3 month mark

Hi everyone, I am almost at the 3 month mark and I am walking in my boot completely without crutches.  I have 1 wedge in the boot but I have my DR’s appointment next Monday to hopefully get the ok to move to a sneaker around the first of the year.  I have been extremely encouraged by this website.  Stay positive!! Things do get better, I promise

Starting to walk without crutches!!!

I can’t thank all of you on this site for helping me through this trying time.  I seriously appreciate all of the supportive emails, and comments and advice.  I am still in the boot, 2 wedges still but I am starting to be able to walk with out crutches.  I haven’t really felt my foot or Achilles except at PT, I guess that’s a good thing?  I am hoping to begin to bear some weight on the foot next week.  I am really nervous as my tendon is still really tight and causing a little pain in the arch area of my foot.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Cast is off-boot is on!!

So today was my lucky day, allegedly!!!!! Anyway went for my follow up visit since post op cast & my leg looked like something from sesame street-yes a muppet.  Hairy, ugly, skinny, unrecognizable to me as my own, but too pathetic to give up on.  My new boot is ok.  It is heavy, medal, ugly, painful, and completely NOT at all what I thought it would be.  I am still non weight bearing. I guess I expected a miracle.  Oh well maybe next month.  Anyone else have a lot of numbness around the ankle area?  How about dried blood from surgery?  Good news, I soaked in the bathtub tonight for the first time since labor day- half full.  Hope you all are well & recovering quickly!!!!

5 more days with cast #1

Hi Everyone, I am getting very excited to have my first cast removed on November 7th.  I am writing to see if any of you went directly to a boot?  I am SO looking forward to scratching my ankle and seeing what kind of shape my leg is in…..sort of!?!?  Any help here is welcomed!

8 weeks