Walking with a cane 6 weeks

This coming Friday will be 6 weeks post op and so far so good.  In the 4 days since my cast came off I have slowly been doing more each day.  Yesterday and today I have been walking all over the house with the help of a cane while wearing the boot.  I have been walking without the boot just from bedroom to bathroom (across hall).

This afternoon I have my first PT session and I am very excited.  I haven’t pushed my leg at all yet because I want to speak with the therapist first and hear what he wants me to do and more importantly what he doesn’t want me to do.  I will post later about the PT session.

A little progress goes a long way

Since my cast came off on Friday I have been slowly moving the foot trying to get a little felxibility back before my first PT session on Tuesday.  Today for the first time it looks like the foot isn’t swollen anymore. 

I took my first few steps this morning and that was a huge boost to my self confidence.  This was without the boot on.  With the boot on I am able to walk very slowly all over the house.

Twice to Doc in 2 days

As I said yesterday my doctors visit wasn’t very good but the doctor did give me a script for a boot.  He said think about it and if you want it and the insurance will pay then get it and come back in.  I thought about it and decided to get the boot even if it’s just for a couple of weeks because I feel I need some support right out of the cast.

So I went back to the doctor today with boot in hand.  Today is exactly 5 weeks since the surgery and they removed my cast.  Felt good to “breathe” down there.  Doc checked the leg and said it looks good start PT next week.  So I am wearing the boot for now with instructions to slowly put 50% weight on the leg with support to slowly get the foot back to the nuetral position.

I have my first PT session next Tuesday followed by Thursday then back to the doctor the following Monday.   I must say I feel alot better mentally now that the cast is off and at least I can see what is going on with the wound.  My foot/ ankle is still slightly swollen and black and blue and after taking off the steri strips the incision looks ok I guess.

That’s my latest update feels great to move from NWB to PWB.

2nd post op visit, waste of time!

I had my second post op doctors visit today. Was told that the cast would be coming off. When the doctor looked at my file he said it is 1 week to early he wants it to be 6 weeks not 5 before he takes off the cast. I was extremely upset because why was I there then?

I asked the doctor “so why am I here today?” His reply was I apologize I told you to come back to soon.

So now I go back next Wed. to get the cast off and start physical therapy. No boot. I mentioned it and the doctor said he has never used one with his patients.  This has me worried because I will have no protection but will not be able to stand or put weight on the foot yet.  The foot isn’t at nuetral now in the cast so it will take a little time to work into that position.

New to the blog, Hello

Hello everyone. I had a complete rupture of the right achilles on Feb. 24 2009 playing basketball. The surgery was done 3 days later on the 27th. Went into a plaster cast.

Exactly 7 days later had my first post op doctors visit. The plaster cast was removed and the staples were taken out. Doctor said everything looks good so far. I didn’t feel to confident though. They put on a fiberglass cast.

I will return to the doctor to have the new cast removed in 4 weeks. This will be only 5 weeks exactly from the operation.

I didn’t need the pain medicine after only 3 days from the op and haven’t had any pain or discomfort yet. My problems are the mental anguish I feel about this injury either not recovering fully or getting re-injured. I am only 31 and would like to be able to play sports with my son again without fear of injury.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I am out of work sick until the doctor and my employer doctors clear me to work.  No work no pay check because I have already run out of sick days.  This doesn’t make the psychological part of the process any easier because I feel I will have no choice but to rush back as soon as possible.  State disability is only $170/wk.  I am a state employee.