Life back to normal 17 weeks

Today I’m at 17 weeks post-op and feeling pretty good. I am done with PT, doctors visits and I have returned to work. For the first time since the injury my leg doesn’t occupy my thoughts all of the time. I don’t think about it at all anymore. The limp is [...]

14 weeks My first run

Today at PT I tried jogging for the first time.  One of my PT activities is to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes at 3 mph to work on getting rid of this last little hitch that I have in my step.  I decided to jog the last 2 minutes of this today at [...]

13 weeks = Jogging

Today is 13 weeks post op and I had an appointment with the doctor today.  He said everything looks good and that I can start jogging now.  He wrote on the PT prescription for the therapist to “step it up” for me also, not sure what that means though.  I’m not sure if I am [...]

12 week Goal failed

So today is 12 weeks post-op and I have failed my goal of being completely limp free by this date. My limp is slight now but it is still there. I can however walk at a normal pace.
On the bright side my leg continues to feel stronger each day and I have had [...]

10 Weeks, mowing the lawn

Today is 10 weeks post op and I just finished mowing my lawn front and back with no discomfort.  This was a big step mentally because mowing the lawn means 2 things to me right now.  One that the warm weather is finally coming and two that my recovery is progressing nicely with the help [...]

Week 9 and feeling good…

This Friday will be 9 weeks post op and so far so good.  I am still going to PT twice a week and I think it is really helping.  I am still limping but I do tons of walking and standing all day and haven’t had any problems.  I am just using Dr. Sholls heel [...]

2-Shoes what a relief…

Starting today I am wearing 2 shoes full time.  It feels good to be out of the boot.  The walking so far is slow and with a limp but hopefully it will get better each day.  I had my 6th PT session today and according to them the ROM is excellent, but I feel it [...]

PT week #2

Today I finished my second week of PT. (going twice a week) Rode the stationary bike for 6 minutes and felt nothing in the lower leg which was good. The quad got a little tired which surprised me because until this injury I used to warm up on the bike for 20 minutes [...]

6 weeks post-op goodbye crutches

Today I am exactly 6 weeks post op and I have decided to give up the crutches.  I went out to the store with just my cane and boot and walked around.  The walking is slow and with a huge limp but it’s progressing.  It felt good to leave the house without the crutches.
Next week [...]

First PT session

Today I had my first physical therapy session.  I was showed a few ROM activities to do at home and had 15 minutes of ice/electronic stimulation.  The therapist wants to take it slow until at least next week when I will be past 6 weeks post op. 
I told him that I have been doing some [...]