Life back to normal 17 weeks

Today I’m at 17 weeks post-op and feeling pretty good. I am done with PT, doctors visits and I have returned to work. For the first time since the injury my leg doesn’t occupy my thoughts all of the time. I don’t think about it at all anymore. The limp is gone but after extended stretches of sitting the first couple of steps are a little stiff.

I know I am not even close to being 100% but I think I’m on the path to getting there eventually.

2 Responses to “Life back to normal 17 weeks”

  1. good for you EP!

  2. 17 weeks, huh? That’s good to know. Helps me set some realistic expectations. I’m at 6.5 weeks and just beginning to walk in 2 shoes. I don’t have full walking motion yet but looking forward to the day when I don’t have to mentally concentrate on how to walk. Happy for you!

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