13 weeks = Jogging

Today is 13 weeks post op and I had an appointment with the doctor today.  He said everything looks good and that I can start jogging now.  He wrote on the PT prescription for the therapist to “step it up” for me also, not sure what that means though.  I’m not sure if I am ready mentally to start trying to jog but physically I think I can handle it.  I am going to wait until next Tuesday’s PT session and talk it over with the therapist and maybe start on the treadmill under supervision.

The leg continues to feel stronger and better each day especially on those rare days that we have sun here in NY.  Oh yeah the doc cleared me to return to work in 2 weeks which is very good news because I haven’t gotten a pay check since Feb.

2 Responses to “13 weeks = Jogging”

  1. Sounds like you are healing really well! I have been out for two jogs (very slow and gentle run/walks for about 45 min). I am at the 17 week mark, but my PT suggested that before I jog it would be good to do some speed walking intervals. I had never done this before and it was hard not to break into a jog but in retrospect I think it was a great idea both mentally and physically to start this way. Good Luck.

  2. Good luck with the jogging…I am about 14 weeks post-op, and hope to be doing the same soon, but might follow some advice I’ve gotten from others returning from injury — to try running first on a softer surface, such as a rubberized track. So maybe make sure if you are on the treadmill that it’s not too hard….?

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