12 week Goal failed

So today is 12 weeks post-op and I have failed my goal of being completely limp free by this date. My limp is slight now but it is still there. I can however walk at a normal pace.
On the bright side my leg continues to feel stronger each day and I have had no pain or problems. I haven’t even iced or elevated the leg in around 3 weeks. I have been doing lots of walking at my kids various sporting events and all is well with that. I still cannot do a one legged calf raise yet but honestly I rarely try to.
The nice thing is that the tendon rarely feels really tight anymore. Only after I have been sitting for a really long time and then after a few steps it loosens right up.
So even though I failed my personal goal I am still happy with my progress so far.

2 Responses to “12 week Goal failed”

  1. Doesn’t sound like a failure to me…sounds good. As you are just ahead of me, can you answer whether your injured leg now passes the “squeeze test”, i.e. if you kneel on a chair seat facing backwards and squeeze your calf do you get a real positive response in terms of the flex in the heel.

    I’m at 9 weeks and have the limp but it appears to be getting better, I’m a way off single leg calf raises but as you can see from my blog I have a number of concerns about where I am.

  2. jgsquash,
    yes my leg pretty much acts and responds as it did before the injury. The ROM is actually better than in the “good” leg now because of the PT.

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