10 Weeks, mowing the lawn

Today is 10 weeks post op and I just finished mowing my lawn front and back with no discomfort.  This was a big step mentally because mowing the lawn means 2 things to me right now.  One that the warm weather is finally coming and two that my recovery is progressing nicely with the help of PT twice a week. 

I still have a limp but it is getting better everyday and if I actually think about every single step I can walk without the limp.  One of the things I have been doing in PT is walking on a treadmill for 5 minutes with my good foot on the side just concentrating on the proper gait pattern with the bad leg.  After I do this excercise my walking is slightly better each time. 

My goal of being limp free by 12 weeks is within reach.  That’s it for now, good luck to all of the new ATR members on the site.

4 Responses to “10 Weeks, mowing the lawn”

  1. I love mowing the lawn now that I own my own house. When I was younger my dad never let me mow the lawn, becase I am a girl, but now I can and I love it.

  2. hey you can mow my lawn too!!! congratulations on the milestone. seems like you’re doing great.

  3. Did you use the heel wedges in you shoes?
    How long before you removed thm if you have already?

  4. Jim,
    I didn’t use heel wedges but I did use Dr. Scholls heel gel cushions that I brought at walmart. The doctor recommended wearing them. I have stopped using them now though. I think I wore them for the first 2 weeks in 2-shoes.

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