13 weeks = Jogging

Today is 13 weeks post op and I had an appointment with the doctor today.  He said everything looks good and that I can start jogging now.  He wrote on the PT prescription for the therapist to “step it up” for me also, not sure what that means though.  I’m not sure if I am [...]

12 week Goal failed

So today is 12 weeks post-op and I have failed my goal of being completely limp free by this date. My limp is slight now but it is still there. I can however walk at a normal pace.
On the bright side my leg continues to feel stronger each day and I have had [...]

10 Weeks, mowing the lawn

Today is 10 weeks post op and I just finished mowing my lawn front and back with no discomfort.  This was a big step mentally because mowing the lawn means 2 things to me right now.  One that the warm weather is finally coming and two that my recovery is progressing nicely with the help [...]