Week 9 and feeling good…

This Friday will be 9 weeks post op and so far so good.  I am still going to PT twice a week and I think it is really helping.  I am still limping but I do tons of walking and standing all day and haven’t had any problems.  I am just using Dr. Sholls heel gells in both sneakers like my doctor told me to.

In the almost 4 weeks since my cast came off I can see and feel a huge difference in my calf.  It is not strong yet but it  is alot better than it was after the cast.  This past weekend I rode my bike with my son for a while and that went well, and it felt good to get more activity for my legs.  I see my doctor at the end of May and if all is well he said I will then be cleared to return to work.  This day can’t come soon enough no pay checks since the injury is making the recovery harder than it already is.

The tendon feels tight but I haven’t had any pain since the day after my surgery so I am happy with that.  I’m supposed to be able to start running within the next 4 weeks but we’ll see about that.  I’m not ready yet but each day is better than the one before it and the great weather this past week here in NY is definetly helping the rehab.

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  1. Hey EPs,
    Sounds like you are doing great. Good for you.
    Already in two sneakers… WOW.
    I cant wait to get there. We are in the same week range and i am still in the boot. I have two more week and then I go back to doctors. I am assuming I will be done with the boot then. I walking aorund with the boot pretty well. Also stationary bike with boot on.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I did 5 weeks in cast, 1 week in boot on crutches, 2 weeks in boot walking, and then on to sneakers. It was a long 8 weeks before I was 2 shoes, but it’s going good.

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