6 weeks post-op goodbye crutches

Today I am exactly 6 weeks post op and I have decided to give up the crutches.  I went out to the store with just my cane and boot and walked around.  The walking is slow and with a huge limp but it’s progressing.  It felt good to leave the house without the crutches.

Next week in PT I think I am going to start doing more than just minimal ROM movements and ice/electric stimulation.  I see the surgeon on Monday so I’ll see what he says because when I left him last he removed the cast put on the boot and said no more than 50% weight on the leg.

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  1. Good for you. I remember when I had a broken leg and I got the cast off, it was weird because I was use to having the cast on for weeks, and then to try and walk with out it and scared to not hurt it, but I got better and I felt good about it.

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