Twice to Doc in 2 days

As I said yesterday my doctors visit wasn’t very good but the doctor did give me a script for a boot.  He said think about it and if you want it and the insurance will pay then get it and come back in.  I thought about it and decided to get the boot even if it’s just for a couple of weeks because I feel I need some support right out of the cast.

So I went back to the doctor today with boot in hand.  Today is exactly 5 weeks since the surgery and they removed my cast.  Felt good to “breathe” down there.  Doc checked the leg and said it looks good start PT next week.  So I am wearing the boot for now with instructions to slowly put 50% weight on the leg with support to slowly get the foot back to the nuetral position.

I have my first PT session next Tuesday followed by Thursday then back to the doctor the following Monday.   I must say I feel alot better mentally now that the cast is off and at least I can see what is going on with the wound.  My foot/ ankle is still slightly swollen and black and blue and after taking off the steri strips the incision looks ok I guess.

That’s my latest update feels great to move from NWB to PWB.

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  1. Good for you for taking changed and getting the boot yourself. I am not sure where you are loacated or how long doctor has been practicing. But seened really strange that you would go from cast to nothing.

    Good luck!

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