2nd post op visit, waste of time!

I had my second post op doctors visit today. Was told that the cast would be coming off. When the doctor looked at my file he said it is 1 week to early he wants it to be 6 weeks not 5 before he takes off the cast. I was extremely upset because why was I there then?

I asked the doctor “so why am I here today?” His reply was I apologize I told you to come back to soon.

So now I go back next Wed. to get the cast off and start physical therapy. No boot. I mentioned it and the doctor said he has never used one with his patients.  This has me worried because I will have no protection but will not be able to stand or put weight on the foot yet.  The foot isn’t at nuetral now in the cast so it will take a little time to work into that position.

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  1. ep,

    I am in the same boat as you but a few weeks behind. I have an appt with my surgeon tomorrw, 2 wks post op today….he wants to put another cast on tomorrow with foot in neutral position and keep cast on for 4 more weeks. Then he wants to have me go directly in shoes. I want to go in the boot at three weeks, actually the Vaco Cast, google it as you will see it is much lighter and more athletic. My doc said he never uses a boot and always uses a cast for 6 weeks. I am armed with mucho literature on the findings of early weight bearing on an ATR and the results of using a boot over a cast. I am so afraid of the atrophy and loss of muscle with being in a hard cast for so long. I will post back what my doc says…..

  2. Wow guys not going to a boot after the cast seems a little to agressive to me.
    I am on my 6th week with a cast. Next Thursday cast comes off and a boot goes on. My doctor said they will put wedges in the boot so I can gradually bring weight to back of the leg. So more of the toes at first. This make a lot of sense to me. I would question your Dr. approach.

    But with that I do know from reading here that every doctor has there own philosy. Also it depends on the patient as well.

  3. I agree, so as I posted today I took it upon myself to get a boot and have it put on today. Next Friday will be 6 weeks since the surgery and god willing I would have finished my second PT session by then.

    To Mark thats great that you’re going to your doctor fully educated. I looked into the Vaco Cast but my insurance wouldn’t pay for it and I’m at 5 weeks already so I didn’t think it was right.

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