Week 9 and feeling good…

This Friday will be 9 weeks post op and so far so good.  I am still going to PT twice a week and I think it is really helping.  I am still limping but I do tons of walking and standing all day and haven’t had any problems.  I am just using Dr. Sholls heel [...]

2-Shoes what a relief…

Starting today I am wearing 2 shoes full time.  It feels good to be out of the boot.  The walking so far is slow and with a limp but hopefully it will get better each day.  I had my 6th PT session today and according to them the ROM is excellent, but I feel it [...]

PT week #2

Today I finished my second week of PT. (going twice a week) Rode the stationary bike for 6 minutes and felt nothing in the lower leg which was good. The quad got a little tired which surprised me because until this injury I used to warm up on the bike for 20 minutes [...]

6 weeks post-op goodbye crutches

Today I am exactly 6 weeks post op and I have decided to give up the crutches.  I went out to the store with just my cane and boot and walked around.  The walking is slow and with a huge limp but it’s progressing.  It felt good to leave the house without the crutches.
Next week [...]

First PT session

Today I had my first physical therapy session.  I was showed a few ROM activities to do at home and had 15 minutes of ice/electronic stimulation.  The therapist wants to take it slow until at least next week when I will be past 6 weeks post op. 
I told him that I have been doing some [...]

Walking with a cane 6 weeks

This coming Friday will be 6 weeks post op and so far so good.  In the 4 days since my cast came off I have slowly been doing more each day.  Yesterday and today I have been walking all over the house with the help of a cane while wearing the boot.  I have been [...]

A little progress goes a long way

Since my cast came off on Friday I have been slowly moving the foot trying to get a little felxibility back before my first PT session on Tuesday.  Today for the first time it looks like the foot isn’t swollen anymore. 
I took my first few steps this morning and that was a huge boost to [...]

Twice to Doc in 2 days

As I said yesterday my doctors visit wasn’t very good but the doctor did give me a script for a boot.  He said think about it and if you want it and the insurance will pay then get it and come back in.  I thought about it and decided to get the boot even if [...]

2nd post op visit, waste of time!

I had my second post op doctors visit today. Was told that the cast would be coming off. When the doctor looked at my file he said it is 1 week to early he wants it to be 6 weeks not 5 before he takes off the cast. I was extremely upset because why was [...]