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Hello everyone. I had a complete rupture of the right achilles on Feb. 24 2009 playing basketball. The surgery was done 3 days later on the 27th. Went into a plaster cast.

Exactly 7 days later had my first post op doctors visit. The plaster cast was removed and the staples were taken out. Doctor said everything looks good so far. I didn’t feel to confident though. They put on a fiberglass cast.

I will return to the doctor to have the new cast removed in 4 weeks. This will be only 5 weeks exactly from the operation.

I didn’t need the pain medicine after only 3 days from the op and haven’t had any pain or discomfort yet. My problems are the mental anguish I feel about this injury either not recovering fully or getting re-injured. I am only 31 and would like to be able to play sports with my son again without fear of injury.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I am out of work sick until the doctor and my employer doctors clear me to work.  No work no pay check because I have already run out of sick days.  This doesn’t make the psychological part of the process any easier because I feel I will have no choice but to rush back as soon as possible.  State disability is only $170/wk.  I am a state employee.

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  1. that was my fear, i told my physical therapist my goals when i started PT, just to make sure we were on the same page. i’d adivise the same to anyone. She agreed with me on most of them but pushed some timelines back a few weeks. But honestly I dont see where you’re going to have a problem. just follow doc’s orders. Good luck to you!

  2. ep,

    That is a fear we all have regardless of age. Based on my experience with this injury (have two good friends in their late 30s that have gone through it) you will be fine. It probably will be a year until you are back to 100% but you will play with your kids and play hoops again if you want. I remember breaking my ankle playing hoops about ten years ago, and when I went back I thought about it turning it again and breaking it all over. That feeling lasting for a little while but I played up until I ruptured mine on 3/16 and I will play again. I will work on stretching and not ignore the signs of injury which is what caused mine in the first place to go. Keep the faith seems to be the message on this board. I picked up some dumbells and rubber band straps and am excercising in my chair to try to do something athletic while I recover. It sounds like you have a great doctor as my doctor wants me in a cast for 6 weeks. I have first post op this week and will gently try to persuage my guy to take a more aggressive approach as I feel my body can handle it. This blog is great, I read all day long hoping to be as educated as possible in my recovery. mark

  3. Mark thanks for the encouraging words. I hope everything goes smoothly for you in your recovery. Eric

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