Life back to normal 17 weeks

Today I’m at 17 weeks post-op and feeling pretty good. I am done with PT, doctors visits and I have returned to work. For the first time since the injury my leg doesn’t occupy my thoughts all of the time. I don’t think about it at all anymore. The limp is gone but after extended stretches of sitting the first couple of steps are a little stiff.

I know I am not even close to being 100% but I think I’m on the path to getting there eventually.

14 weeks My first run

Today at PT I tried jogging for the first time.  One of my PT activities is to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes at 3 mph to work on getting rid of this last little hitch that I have in my step.  I decided to jog the last 2 minutes of this today at 5 mph and I am very happy to say that it felt great.  Besides the fact that my heart was beating like I just ran 10 miles and I was sweating like Patrick Ewing in 1994 I felt really good about my  first light jog post injury.  I am incredibly out of shape I now realize  after 14 weeks of doing no cardio activity, but eventually I should be able to fix that.

Tomorrow is exactly 14 weeks post op and I feel great about how the leg is responding.  If I can do it anyone can, for those of you just starting your recovery keep that in mind.

13 weeks = Jogging

Today is 13 weeks post op and I had an appointment with the doctor today.  He said everything looks good and that I can start jogging now.  He wrote on the PT prescription for the therapist to “step it up” for me also, not sure what that means though.  I’m not sure if I am ready mentally to start trying to jog but physically I think I can handle it.  I am going to wait until next Tuesday’s PT session and talk it over with the therapist and maybe start on the treadmill under supervision.

The leg continues to feel stronger and better each day especially on those rare days that we have sun here in NY.  Oh yeah the doc cleared me to return to work in 2 weeks which is very good news because I haven’t gotten a pay check since Feb.

12 week Goal failed

So today is 12 weeks post-op and I have failed my goal of being completely limp free by this date. My limp is slight now but it is still there. I can however walk at a normal pace.
On the bright side my leg continues to feel stronger each day and I have had no pain or problems. I haven’t even iced or elevated the leg in around 3 weeks. I have been doing lots of walking at my kids various sporting events and all is well with that. I still cannot do a one legged calf raise yet but honestly I rarely try to.
The nice thing is that the tendon rarely feels really tight anymore. Only after I have been sitting for a really long time and then after a few steps it loosens right up.
So even though I failed my personal goal I am still happy with my progress so far.

10 Weeks, mowing the lawn

Today is 10 weeks post op and I just finished mowing my lawn front and back with no discomfort.  This was a big step mentally because mowing the lawn means 2 things to me right now.  One that the warm weather is finally coming and two that my recovery is progressing nicely with the help of PT twice a week. 

I still have a limp but it is getting better everyday and if I actually think about every single step I can walk without the limp.  One of the things I have been doing in PT is walking on a treadmill for 5 minutes with my good foot on the side just concentrating on the proper gait pattern with the bad leg.  After I do this excercise my walking is slightly better each time. 

My goal of being limp free by 12 weeks is within reach.  That’s it for now, good luck to all of the new ATR members on the site.

Week 9 and feeling good…

This Friday will be 9 weeks post op and so far so good.  I am still going to PT twice a week and I think it is really helping.  I am still limping but I do tons of walking and standing all day and haven’t had any problems.  I am just using Dr. Sholls heel gells in both sneakers like my doctor told me to.

In the almost 4 weeks since my cast came off I can see and feel a huge difference in my calf.  It is not strong yet but it  is alot better than it was after the cast.  This past weekend I rode my bike with my son for a while and that went well, and it felt good to get more activity for my legs.  I see my doctor at the end of May and if all is well he said I will then be cleared to return to work.  This day can’t come soon enough no pay checks since the injury is making the recovery harder than it already is.

The tendon feels tight but I haven’t had any pain since the day after my surgery so I am happy with that.  I’m supposed to be able to start running within the next 4 weeks but we’ll see about that.  I’m not ready yet but each day is better than the one before it and the great weather this past week here in NY is definetly helping the rehab.

2-Shoes what a relief…

Starting today I am wearing 2 shoes full time.  It feels good to be out of the boot.  The walking so far is slow and with a limp but hopefully it will get better each day.  I had my 6th PT session today and according to them the ROM is excellent, but I feel it needs alot of work.

Tomorrow is 8 weeks post op and 8 weeks that I have been out of work.  Now that I am 2 shoes my goal is to get back to work by June 1.  Not only does my doctor have to clear me but my employers doctors have to clear me also.  The latter being the more difficult.

I’ll let you know after a few days how the walking in 2 shoes is going.

PT week #2

Today I finished my second week of PT. (going twice a week) Rode the stationary bike for 6 minutes and felt nothing in the lower leg which was good. The quad got a little tired which surprised me because until this injury I used to warm up on the bike for 20 minutes 5 days a week then go straight to the eliptical for 20-30 minutes followed by 1-2 hours of very competetive basketball.

I am still wearing the boot but if all goes well after next weeks PT sessions I should be back into my sneakers. I walked around the room with both sneakers on today before going on the bike and it felt pretty good. I walk alot better with the 2 shoes than with the boot on.

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks post op and I feel ok with the way the rehab is going so far.

6 weeks post-op goodbye crutches

Today I am exactly 6 weeks post op and I have decided to give up the crutches.  I went out to the store with just my cane and boot and walked around.  The walking is slow and with a huge limp but it’s progressing.  It felt good to leave the house without the crutches.

Next week in PT I think I am going to start doing more than just minimal ROM movements and ice/electric stimulation.  I see the surgeon on Monday so I’ll see what he says because when I left him last he removed the cast put on the boot and said no more than 50% weight on the leg.

First PT session

Today I had my first physical therapy session.  I was showed a few ROM activities to do at home and had 15 minutes of ice/electronic stimulation.  The therapist wants to take it slow until at least next week when I will be past 6 weeks post op. 

I told him that I have been doing some light walking in the house with the cane and he said as long as theres no pain and I don’t over do it, it’s not a problem but he recommended walking while holding the crutches.  He also said keep elevating the leg when I can and use ice sometimes also.

I was content with the session and go back on thursday followed by twice a week for the next 2 weeks.