after re-rupture scare, i am back in boot!

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Update!! - Oct 8th 2009

Hello everyone! 1st of all thankyou all for the comments, its been really great reading them and knowing that people know what i am talking about and have been thru similar situations!

anyways regarding the leg!.. i went in on monday 5th for an ultrasound, they removed my cast and did the ultrasound scan. the doctor told me the great news! although there was a loud pop noise and alot of pain, he told me that only a couple of small fibures had broken and were re-healing, i would not need surgery &  that it is definatly still intact and healing well.


as you can tell, i was extreamly pleased with this news. i was then taken to my usual physio appointment in the fracture clinic, and my boot was put back on. the physio doctor told me that this had only set me back by just over a week, so my boot was ajusted back to 15 degrees. it hurt to walk on it first because it felt tight and uncomfortable and stiff, but now i am walking about alot.

one thing i would like to ask everyone is this….. did anyone experience a tight tugging/pulling feeling in their calf muscles sometimes when they were walking in the boot? usually happens when i take a wide step, or walk up the stairs sometimes.. it hurts and feels a bit painful sometimes, im just wondering what it is..?

anyways i may not reply for a little while but i do read your comments because they are sent to my inbox when u post! :) but i am moving this saturday (10th) to london, so very busy packing boxes etc! thanks guys, hope to hear from you soon! x

P.S i will be adding photographs of my boot and scar ..if anyone is interested as i see other people have done that!

** my story ** re-ruptured after two weeks in boot

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Hello all, in regards to what i have read on this forum, about re-rupturing your achilles tendon … i decided to post my story.

( its long ! )

Ok.. im emily im 19 from devon, uk.

thmy achilles tendon was injured when i was just blissfully walking along at a carnival !
[B](30th august 2009)[/B] someone must have kicked a bottle & it came flying at the back of my leg, cutting a large clean cut around the back of my foot, and partially tearing my tendon (50%).

i was rushed to hospital in an ambulance where i had surgery on it the following day to sow the tendon back together, and stitch the large gash in the back of my leg. 

as i had the surgery away from home as i was in london at the time of the injury, i was given medical notes, and told that i should go to the fracture clinic after two weeks to get my hard cast taken off, and get a walking cast/boot put on.

two weeks later i went to my local hospital with my nots and the cast was removed, i was put in a space like boot!had a heel ajusted to 30 degrees and this felt good.
it was great ! i could do more things around the house & not have to relie on people so much. as i am a single mum too, this was soo great for me!

a week after i got the boot put on (3 weeks after op) i went back for my 2nd physio/fracture clinic appointment.. the boot was lowered dramaticly to about 15 degrees.. i was horrifed because it felt too soon and it hurt SO bad to walk i jus couldnt walk about for days. but i trusted what the doctors said, because obviously you assume they know whats best.

the next week i went back, ( 4weeks post op) and the boot was lowered again!! my cut had completely healed and the healing & scaring was boot was lowered to 0 degrees, there was alot more movement, and again i felt pain, and had to walk home in crutches very very painfully. but as i did more & more walking in the week, i felt confident and positive about it. i was wrong.

yesterday, (october 2rd) just over one month from my injury & surgery, i decided to take a long walk with my daughter, i was feeling great and felt no pain from walking, when suddenly i took a long step as i was trying to rush to the bus, i heard/felt a loud POP. instantly i felt tremendous pain and couldnt put my foot down, as i had been reading online, some people hear this when they rupture their achilles tendon, so i was in hysterics crying on the floor in pain and upset also because i knew exactly what had happened.

i called an ambulance and was taken to hospital.

now i find myself upset, confused and concerned. i am in a hard cast again, walking on crutches, and have been sent home. on monday  5th oct i have an ultrasound appointment so they can see if it is re-ruptured.

i have been crying ever since, whenever i think about what has happened.. i was looking forward to gradually recovering, i was loving walking and being able to do things around the house again independantly and look after my daughter.. but now im back to square one, probably going to have surgery.

as i sit here now i find myself thinking about the physio treatment i have had.. should they have lowered my boot so low so quickly??? i think not…it never did feel right..

also i am moving out next weekend, to london, into a townhouse on the 3rd floor = stairs!! i am soo upset i dont know how i am going to cope & my future looks bleak. this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me i am soo depressed. i was looking forward to going uni but now i am unsure.

please, if you have any advice or questions or anything, id love to talk & get some support

Emily xx

re-ruptured tendon after 2 weeks in boot!! :(

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please read my story @

and please give advice/support! x