PT Graduation

I’m 32 weeks out from surgery and as of today I am a physical therapy graduate! The last couple months have been all about heel raises. Progress was very slow as I was doing 2-3 sets of assisted heel raises per day. I could barely do 1 unassisted heel raise when I [...]

Sand Dunes as Dorsiflexion Therapy

I’m about 2/3 of the way through physical therapy. The objectives have been to improve (in this order) dorsiflexion (upward movement of the foot), balance, and strength. At the start of PT, I could move my foot only 3 degrees above horizontal. I was improving by a degree or two per week [...]

Back in the Saddle Again

I saw my doctor a week ago, and he gave me clearance to ride my bike again. Biking is a fundamental part of my lifestyle: I use it for transportation any time I can, it’s my primary form of exercise, and a vital source of sanity. I started out nice and easy on [...]

3 Degrees of Motion

I’m 3 months out from my injury and surgery, and have fully transitioned out of the boot into two shoes. That actually went pretty well. I got some running shoes (even though I don’t run) and wear them all day (even though my feet yearn to be free) to provide support to my [...]

Lose Inches Without Diet or Exercise Using the ATR Method!

Of course, those inches don’t come off the waist but rather the calf of the injured leg. I am nearing the end of almost 3 months in a boot, so I measured around each calf at the widest point to see the difference: one and a half inches of muscle gone. That is [...]

Taking the Slow Road

I’m 9 weeks out from surgery and I saw my doctor today. Everything is going great, but we’re taking the transition from the boot slowly. My rupture was at the top of the Achilles tendon, where it transitions to muscle. Because of where it is, the transition to two shoes needs to [...]

De-wedging: A Reality Check

I was rocking the silly walk with 1 3-inch heel a month after surgery - I looked funny but I could walk almost normal speed without crutches and felt stable doing so. Today, I had a follow-up appointment with the doctor and everything is healing very well. He took a wedge out of [...]

The Hobble Phase

I am full weight bearing now, with surprisingly no discomfort when I put all my weight on my booted leg. You all might have noticed that getting around is a little awkward in a boot with a 3 inch heel and an immobilized ankle. I manage a silly walk without crutches which works [...]

The Couch Phase

I’m new to the Achilles recovery thing, having had surgery 4 days ago.  You all are more familiar than I with the various stages of recovery, and I am perusing the site to learn more.  Being on the couch with my leg elevated all day every day for two weeks is pretty boring, even if [...]