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  1. Tomorrow marks my 12th week anni-rupture-versary and I am very pleased with my progress. At 11 weeks, I started walking a mile daily. I’ve done 6 so far!

    I wish my protocol would have called for time-off/elevation. I ruptured on June 30th and was prepped for surgery July 1. That was my first consult with the surgeon. I could say yay or nay. I had done research that weekend and said yay.

    Surgeon said to return to work when “I was ready”. “Keep your foot elevated and iced” but wasn’t given an expected time-frame. I was miserable that first 3 weeks yet returned after the first, part time.

    I’m curious how other protocols say to take time off post-op? I’ve seen expectations of 23/24 hours elevated and iced for the first week. 3 weeks elevated. Etc.

    My 1.5 weeks off caused problems at work (as, again, I wasn’t really given an expectation/protocol) because I was the lead on a major project (which is going well, despite my minimal absence early on). The project is the only reason I returned. Despite it being a left ATR repair, I had someone drive me in while NWB because I didn’t have the balance/strength/stamina to get my scooter, laptop, and purse out of the house (stairs), into the car, then back out at work, and to my desk. I managed it solo at about week 3 NWB.

    Despite the mayhem, at 11 weeks post-rupture, I started walking 1 mile/day. I can find a normal yet slow gait but it takes stretching and concentration. I’m working on heel raises. Single side raises are my goal, but I can feel that crazy weak/strange feeling in my calf…the same feeling I had when I started in shoes. I haven’t found the words to describe that sensation, yet know the other unfortunate ATR club members likely know what I’m talking about.

    BTW, mine was a mid-heel/calf sudden complete rupture due to demonstrating a (third) “powerful” round-off for my niece. I’m pretty sure it happened on the landing (likely landed left toes first, instead of a solid 2 foot landing). Yet, no bone or other muscle/tendon involvement. (Well, I never had imaging but surgeon said no other problems when I asked.)

    I’m interested in other’s protocols, how you are doing, etc. Sorry we are members but am so happy I found this site!!

  2. I’m at 7 months and back to playing soccer and doing my high intensity interval training classes. Don’t yet have all my leg and aerobic strength back - but I’m working on it. My surgery was for a big bone spur so achilles was detached, bone ground off and reattached. For me it was 3 weeks NWB and elevate 90% of the time, then another 3 weeks NWB, then slowly move to FWB over a 4 week time span. I was fortunate that I had very little pain. I took full strength pain pills for 5 days (maybe I didn’t have pain because I was on pain pills- LOL), then 1/2 strength for a few days and then off them completely. And, since my achilles is now better than it was before surgery I would say my docs protocol worked for me :) My doc explained the whys behind everything and it made perfect sense.

  3. I am 5 1/2 month post full rupture in my right leg. Had surgery 2 days after rupture.
    6 weeks in the hard cast 100% NWB.

    Doc said I should elevate if uncomfortable but did not stress it out as it is a must to do. So I was fairly active, using crutches in the house, around neighborhood, trip to the Zoo with family and so on.
    Almost did not Ice at all. Would have to elevate my leg more in the evening when it would swell inside the cast.

    In the last 3 weeks of the cast was very active exercising and specially injured leg (bending in the knee, lifting up, lifting from laying on the side).

    After cast came off. Went straight into walking shoes outside and walking bare feet at home.

    Walked around through the pain at the get go (including 1/2 mile next day after cast came off). In 10 days had a family trip to another city was able to keep up (mostly) through the day, walking 3-5 miles, but would have to sit and rest while family would explore around).

    Started jogging at 3 1/2 month. Now at 5 1/2 month can run 2 miles with the pace around 8 min mile. Still way off my pace pre injury, but getting there.

    Strength of the leg returning but still lacking. I can do 15 single leg calf raises but after that injured leg is tired all day.
    My other leg after 15 calf raises is tired but recovers quickly.

    Overall happy with the progress, but its a road to full recovery.

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