PT Graduation

I’m 32 weeks out from surgery and as of today I am a physical therapy graduate! The last couple months have been all about heel raises. Progress was very slow as I was doing 2-3 sets of assisted heel raises per day. I could barely do 1 unassisted heel raise when I found the perfect way to add more to my busy day. Any time I was waiting for the kids to get dressed, brush their teeth, etc. I would do assisted heel raises while waiting. Two weeks later, I was able to do 10 unassisted heel raises for my PT. We gave it one more week, then today I did a few minutes jogging on the treadmill without a problem and said farewell to my PT. I still have alot of muscle loss to build back and will continue to do heel raises until I feel truly normal, but I’m glad to be past this milestone.

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  1. Congratulations! I still try to sneak in heel raises throughout the day…it’s never-ending.

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