Sand Dunes as Dorsiflexion Therapy

I’m about 2/3 of the way through physical therapy. The objectives have been to improve (in this order) dorsiflexion (upward movement of the foot), balance, and strength. At the start of PT, I could move my foot only 3 degrees above horizontal. I was improving by a degree or two per week and had gotten up to 11 degrees a week ago. I’ve been controlling swelling with a compression sock and doing stretching exercises. Over the New Years weekend I went on a couple hikes which included climbing over sand dunes. It was no problem at the time, but I was pretty sore the morning after the second one. I could hardly walk when I got out of bed but stretched it out before going to my PT appointment. When the therapist measured my dorsiflexion it was up to 16 degrees! The goal of PT was to get it to 15 degrees - when compared against my good foot it’s almost the same now. Of course, I can’t say for sure it was the sand dunes but it’s hard to argue with success.

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  1. Which compression sock do you have?

  2. The brand is Mojo, and it works well for me.

  3. Thanks! I bought a pair. I tried the sand dunes this weekend and it is a workout! Lots of careful steps.

  4. I’m glad the compression sock and sand dunes are working for you! I try having the sock off during the day every now and then to check on how much I swell up. It’s definitely more localized now, but I still get swelling and soreness if I’m up and about without the sock for a few hours.

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